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  1. Thank you for your long work on this release. After reading the changelog, am I right that some older skins will no longer show with µTorrent? My toolbar skin works fine but my tabs and status icon skins are not showing and replaced with µTorrent's default ones. Edit: After searching some more on the forum I saw that the logger tab tells me that the tab and status files do not have the right number of icons so that's why they're not being loaded. For other people noticing the same behavior, you will have to download updated skins.
  2. I must be blind. The changelog says, "Feature: Add a move to top/down button or key". I've deleted my custom toolbar.bmp and checked the right-click menus but I can't see how to move a torrent in my queue to the top/bottom. Could someone tell me what I'm overlooking?
  3. I trust Ludde that uTorrent will remain as it is now, a great client, and this is just a sidedeal to make some money. He does a lot of work on this program so good for him that he's made some money off of what he's giving us for free. uTorrent won't be any worse off and this company he's dealing with has never been able to impact any file that I've wanted so I don't care about Retspan.
  4. The changelog says "Switch default theme", does this just mean that Ludde has switched the theme that shows up when users open uTorrent without any custom toolbar.bmp and tstatus.bmp? I thought maybe there is a new feature in uTorrent that lets you choose what theme to use instead of relying on users to add modified files. Just wondering.
  5. I'm getting an odd behavior with version 422. The speed of my downloading torrent is reported as 40kb/s but the speed in the statusbar in the bottom is reported as 300kb/s which happens to be my max speed. Independent testing with DU Meter says that my full connection of 300kb/s is being used even tho uTorrent is set to limit it to half of that. Pausing the torrent did nothing to stop the traffic either, I had to close uTorrent completely.
  6. I just noticed in the latest beta that when you have "Activate window when adding file" selected, it will now bring uTorrent's window on top of all others instead of just flashing in the taskbar. I don't know if I'm missing an option, but "Show dialogue when adding new torrents" is not working for me. Any torrent that is clicked will just go straight into my queue without any dialogue coming up like before.
  7. The change log for the latest beta says "Change: Don't download first/last piece of a file first. Can be re-enabled." I've been looking in the options for how to turn this back on but I couldn't find it yet. Any help? Thanks.
  8. Firon, is it possible to change the behavior of the activate window option so it will force uTorrent to focus it's window in front of all other apps? I'm not sure if the majority would want this but in my case, I would prefer it that way.
  9. One possible bug that I've found in this build and the one previous was if you select "Activate window when adding file" it does not work. Specifically, clicking on a torrent to download and open I would expect uTorrent to pop up in front of all other applications. Instead, what happens is that it just flashes in the taskbar (even if it was minimized to tray) but doesn't come out in front of all other windows. Maybe I have the options set wrong though so that it's conflicting with something else.
  10. Your script works perfectly. Thanks for putting this together.
  11. I've been using the betas up until now. There's so many features to this client and it's so much better than the programs I was using before. After the reminder in the first post, I made sure to donate to the project today. Thank you for all your work.
  12. I have the same setup and agree that this would be a very useful feature for RSS to avoid duplicate downloads.
  13. Thanks Firon for answering that. One other question I had about RSS is how uTorrent formats the feed titles. I have in my favorites something like "The Show" but I have one feed where all the titles are formatted with periods so "The.Show". Is is possible to get uTorrent to format feed names to remove the periods between names or is there a wildcard setting I could do to achieve that automatically? I hope I was clear.
  14. I just wanted to post that the :Cookie: uid pass system is working perfectly for the private torrent feeds I put in uTorrent. My only "problem" remaining with the RSS feature is that it can't yet handle M***nova's RSS feeds. Their feeds point to the webpage not the .torrent but in their forum they state that some rss readers should be able to spot the link to the torrent in the html page and download it. Just because this is a popular site for users, I thought it would be useful to have it supported by the reader.
  15. I've found one more feed that is not read well by the new RSS feature. The admin of the site has said that: "If the RSS reader will read commented HTML, it'd detect the 'old' style link. The old link is still between <!-- and -->". This is the way to get the torrent link of this feed from ****nova. The full thread discussion is here: http://forum.mininova.org/index.php?showtopic=1206.