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  1. @Ultima In short terms I want to add my friends from LAN (MAN actually), consider them as LP (bypass limit) and have ut always send and req. data from them in the first place. It goes beyond the name of LPD but it's definitely related to Local Peers topic. I know it (or similar ideas) has been requested by few people and constantly rejected witch is incomprehensible, sad and frustrating for me.
  2. To be perfectly honest... I wanted to be able to have all users from my ISP as local, because transfers between them don't count to my net connection limit, unfortunately I'm separated from them a) by my home router, they are also scattered on few LANs so broadcasts definitely won't reach them. Also I'm not very found on 1.7.2 decision to block LDP for private trackers :/ It would also be good if uT would treat local peers with priority. It's no big deal since it doesn't disturb normal data exchange between peers from the Inet. This would really shorten any download when working together with some friends from my ISP beyond any other tricks (because no tricks can extend physical limitations of ones Inet connection). Shouldn't good P2P app always pick the best routes to download efficiently? Currently dumb tracker won't always return the best peers (escpecially if there are hundreds or more) and ut won't even know witch to pick in the first place - that is witch actually belongs to my ISP, can skip UL/DL limits and should be prioritised (and they should be).
  3. Great "fix" :/ imho LPD is implemented crappy way, so no big deal.
  4. It's really a shame thar Local Peer Discovery wasn't implemented to be more ... universal. With router splitting my home connection I'm unable to download together with other users of my ISP. I really wish devs would reconsider and implement more this option to be used on more wider (custom) IP ranges :/
  5. I guess Local Peers are found ONLY by broadcasting packets on LAN? My ISP allows fast connections (100mbps) between all users, but they are separated into many lans, so broadcast won't reach them. How am I suppose to force ut to consider all peers from my ISP range as local. I didn't mention but I also split my net connection in home using router so this Local Peer Discovery only works with my laptop?
  6. No single piece of information about "future" of ut?
  7. Since Build 463 is in download section it would be good to update changelog for it as that 404 page looks nasty
  8. I can't get green light on 460... although it's shining now on 459...
  9. I wonder : dev. is taking his just rest after release or something changed about beta policy? In any way - You did really a great job so far, especially with 1,5 release (didn't take time to write it sooner)