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  1. ooooh.. why dont we just end this thread.. its simple.. keep using uttorrent, PeerFactor is not involved with µtorrent, that's ludde, and he isnt changing µtorrent in any way shape or form because of the arrangement, its just ludde getting some income.. end of story.. so why keep talking about it.. it seems pretty clear to me, and if all the paranoids wanna drop µtorrent because of any false rumour they have heard, thats their own stupidity, enough has been said, and if they drop it, its their loss. it's not like they paid for a product anyway.. ludde made µtorrent for free, and gave it to people.. SO END THE THREAD!! its so pointless.. and if ppl r so thick they dont get it, then dont try to help them.. they are inately stupid, and they will remain that way, dont waste your valueble brainpower..
  2. good to know things will be as normal.. i was like WTF? when i first saw the news on some blog, and it's on torrentz.com news too.. but its clear to see after actually looking at it with any degree of presence of mind, that it is completely unrelated to utorrent. Ludde has to make some money somehow after all..
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