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  1. Certainly not an internet connectio, which i can argue mine is high and higher than most users out there...nevertheless i am after a way of downloading a file much, much quicker...thanks so far
  2. Hi do i get a faster connection?....
  3. thanks moogly i will check it out...another thing do you make downloads quicker? i m really trying to get around this...
  4. Thanks for the tip Moogly. When you said "some private trackers can blacklist alphas & betas" what did you mean by "private trackers can blacklist alphas & betas"? Would you know how to download files quicker? My doubts lay on whether a file is save to be downloaded. Cheers, Lock
  5. What is the difference between the 2.0 beta the the 1.8.5? Can I use the 2.0 beta on windows 7? Cheers, Larry Lock