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  1. Just writing down this oddity for reference. I get a ton of UPnP related error with the few latest versions of 3.2. Haven't seen them before and my router settings have not changed. Torrents seem to do fine still. Only "log UPnP errors" is ticked, and they don't show if I untick that. Current port for incoming connections was: 29738 (randomized) [2012-06-02 22:35:22] recvfrom ERROR: 10035 [2012-06-02 22:35:22] recvfrom ERROR: 10035 [2012-06-02 22:35:23] recvfrom ERROR: 10035 [2012-06-02 22:35:23] recvfrom ERROR: 10035 [2012-06-02 22:35:39] recvfrom ERROR: 10035 [2012-06-02 22:35:39] recvfrom ERROR: 10035 [2012-06-02 22:35:39] recvfrom ERROR: 10035 [2012-06-02 22:35:40] recvfrom ERROR: 10035
  2. For some reason I've encountered an odd problem with the 3.2 beta versions. If uTorrent is left running for a while, say 15min or more" it will always fail to quit properly whenever I ask it to. There's no crash, it will just keep running without a window for hours. Reverting to 3.1 has always solved it. I realise without something like an actual crash report this doesn't help much, but I thought I'd share the experience. Edit: #261 below could be a symptom of the same thing.
  3. edit: sorry I was probably just experiencing something related to Windows
  4. Got this when trying to delet a torrent with some 4k+ files in it. Just reporting. System has 8GB RAM by the way, but I'd assume uTorrent should never use 4GB of RAM anyway.
  5. Yes that new bar thing is horrible, but I'm sure you're working on a way for us to hide it. The column "App" turns on at every start of the program. Since that column was introduced I think. Addition: recently I've seen a lot of this error on torrents started by magnet link: "Torrent Error: The file name, directory name or volume label syntax is incorrect." Whatever that could mean. No odd characters in the files or anything, just starting through magnet links.
  6. Celebration! Ok, sorry. Help > Show Statistics only reveals "uploaded this run", no other stats.
  7. The list view highlight color blanks out the Status column of selected rows when gui.graphic_progress is false.
  8. Here too, and precisely only when the delete key is used. CPU usage for uTorrent.exe also spikes during that time.
  9. Yeah the uTorrent disk write caching has basically stopped working. Now except for that moving from 2.x beta to 3.x alpha has been a nice experience here. I wonder though, are there now 64bit builds available for testing?
  10. There is a known problem concerning abnormally high CPU usage while uTorrent is deleting a large number of files, which it also does rather slowly. Precisely what happens to the performance of a system during that time isn't the point, but the problem is there and it's easily reproducable.
  11. Just a wee oddity that I've been wondering about for some time. When deleting a torrent job that consists of a large number of files, the CPU usage of uTorrent.exe spikes and the program interface becomes unresponsive for a while. I noticed just now that uTorrent reads at least part every file after it has been placed into "recycle bin" and I suppose that behavior might likely have something to do with the issue. Some safety checksum after moving perhaps? I don't suppose that's at all necessary especially when deleting files. I've been wondering about this for some time and made several searches into the forum but found nothing substantial. Now that I think I've might have found something I thought I'd chime in. Otherwise it's all smooth sailing here.
  12. Pardon a noob, but is there a problem with protocol encryption nowadays, seeing as the setting for outgoing defaults to Disabled? Unless there is some sizeable potential issue it seems a bit counterproductive to limit the default client to unencrypted outgoing connections. Feel free to ignore this question if this is common knowledge in the world of torrents.
  13. A tiny peculiarity that I noticed just now. If you're in the files tab and press the Tab key, focus is no longer moved to the torrent in the upper field. Similarly if you've selected a torrent in the torrent field and hits Tab, focus is shifted to the line of tabs rather than into the list of files for that torrent (assuming the files tab was the one showing). Pressing the Tab key again at that point moves focus to some off planar existence, never to appear elsewhere again. Hope that made some sense.
  14. Just curious, but does this problem and changed setting respectively affect Teredo traffic or only users with pure IPv6 connections? Teredo seems to be initialised either way.