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  1. thank you for ruining what was once the best client on earth.
  2. oohhhh look....uTorrent wanna add WEBUI, how nice, wouldn't it better to just add a Trojan separately and we tell you what is the port directly so you can access our pc's and f*** it up? after the PEERFACTOR *thing* you wanted to add WEBUI now, yea yeah i know my beloved Azureus has it, but azureus got nothing to do with PF. glad i'm staying away from uTorrent, it's turning into a trap.
  3. xvid is better than Divx. period when i say better means encoding your own dvd's with 2 pass etc, xvid quality is great and maybe only Divx 6 gets near but we do know you gotta pay for divx. it's not that because pirates use Xvid then Xvid is great, but because pirates have that thing they love to release HIGH QUALITY releases so why dont they use DIVX? reason - XVID quality = better. and because i used XVID to encode my own things i state again...XVID is better. to end my discussion and since i dont want to waste my time nor yours 1 - i wont use uTorrent 2 - i love Azureus - reasons - fastest (download/upload)/open source/most supported client around. 3 - peerfactor straight or not going straight, is a bad choice. 4 - i might not read back your replies. 5 - i dont care what you think of me, cause i sure know what i think of you too. open source vs closed source is like ATI vs NVIDIA fanboys, theres no way i'll convince you and no way you'll convince me even if we both are right. bye.
  4. Anti-closed-source FUD, and a horrible analogy to boot. Just because you can read the contract doesn't mean you understand what the legalese means. And now you're back to trusting an outside party again. You've used uTorrent, so that means you're using Windows directly or via an emulator like WINE. My money's on directly. Windows is a closed source OS, yet you trust it enough to run it. And that's a much bigger risk than one small program. So you've already given up your point. If you're really this zealous about open source, you should be running Linux or a BSD or the like. Two final things. 1) Stop throwing around strawmen like that. 2) If Azureus works better for you then awesome. I've got no problems with that. I used Azureus for a long time before switching to uTorrent, and I've got a kick-ass machine with a gig of RAM. But take a few deep breaths and step off the "Open Source Will Save The World" soapbox. Open source projects are great and have a lot of uses. (Hell, I just went through the diffs on the new sendmail build today to see what the security fixes actually were, since Sendmail's advisory was so freaking vague.) But open source does not automatically equal quality. Open source does not automatically equal safety. And especially, open source does not automatically equal BETTER. i have no problem with what you said at all. but your thing doesnt hold water. OPENGL is opensource and its as famous and BETTER than DirectX, then why not everyone use it? because Microsoft owns Windows and DirectX is part of windows. so game developers prefer to make M$ happy and earn money, some very smart people like ID SOFTWARE used OPENGL regardless and created DOOM 3, a fantastic game that rivals most engines using DirectX. again XVID is better than DIVX, 90% of all video warez are XVID, do you think a cracker cannot use a cracked version of DIVX 6 if it was good and do DVDRIPS? nope, XVID quality is better! guess what....WINRAR....support compress to RAR and ZIP only, yet 7-ZIP another perfect OPEN SOURCE software can compress in 7Z and many many other formats. you can get POWERARCHIVER (pay for it) and does the same as 7-ZIP but why when you can get it free and without installing crap. ?? i could go on about OPEN SOURCE quality, but i have no intention and or the time. because we're traveling in the same train but on different routes. just dont think im not keeping an eye on uTorrent i might and most probably will change my mind in the future if all goes well because i loved uTorrent. in the meantime, AZUREUS is with me, i'm happy with it and i trust it.......don't ask.....i just do. the developers have nothing to do with PEERFACTOR and thats enough. a killer can go to prison, but many killers once out go on a killing spree again. Peerfactor is such a company i dont trust and since Ludvig had the "brilliant" idea to even talk to those guys to make a couple of $$ then to me uTorrent becomes a suspect as well. do i trust uTorrent? NO, do i trust ludvig? YES do i care about uTorrent when there are 10000 alternatives? MAYBE. why i dont use uTorrent if i trust Ludvig then? i dont know. must be paranoia. or perhaps intelligence. time will tell. in the meantime...choices have to be smart, and for a guy that created the most incredible torrent software around i can only say Ludvig choice was not a smart one, or perhaps for him but not for most of us. .DLL my a$$.
  5. when you get Azureus from its main homepage, no MALWARE will ever come to you because Open Source, that means even though i dont know how to program, i can give the "source" to somebody that does, a professional and ask him to have a look at it. with uTorrent i cannot do this, that's why uTorrent can be suspect even if it doesnt contain or will ever contain anything bad. would you sign a contract without reading it? signing one without reading it then that's CLOSED SOURCE, reading a contract = OPEN SOURCE. XVID is open source, AZUREUS is, 7-ZIP is, FFDSHOW is and so on... and everytime these software have beaten all other closed source programs in the head. especially for QUALITY. XVID beats DIVX, you pay for DIVX and aint half as good oh and DIVX even added SPYWARE/MALWARE in old versions, and in new ones they added the "optional" GOOGLE BAR, which one would i trust? the one that is free, and dont bundle anything, or the one i pay my hard earned money and get spyware? uTorrent is high quality software no doubt and FREE, but after trying Azureus i can say uTorrent got a long way to go yet to be at the same level regardless of how much RAM you save by using uTorrent and since AZ is open source even better. we going to hear bad things about uTorrent (true or fake),and most closed source software.... but we aint going for AZUREUS and Open Source softwares. that's why i choose open source. the government can take their experts and take a look at AZUREUS CODE anytime. now that's great. one last thing is this: i do believe uTorrent developer with all my heart, but for whatever reason better safe than sorry. and i repeat...uTORRENT is super quality programming ruined by a few things. why not use then BITCOMET? i could but Azureus works best for me. and just in case....Azureus supports Mac OS X and that says it all for MAC users. some more stuff: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Open_Source http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Azureus
  6. i believe uTorrent developer when he says no malware is in the software and he doesnt support Anti-P2P. however i decided to block uTorrent on my firewall and tested for the first time AZUREUS (installed Java 5.0 too...bah).. strangely enough i get superb speeds with Azureus in Beginner Mode with Encryption RC4-160 enabled, almost double of what i used to get with uTorrent. another thing is when i logged in private tracker website the torrent i wanted had 12 seeds, so i got the torrent, loaded in uTorrent and after 30 min at miserable 18kb/s he found 7(7) seeds. stopped uTorrent and loaded Azareus, guess what? 12(12) seeds and connected to 11(12) at 47kb/s. Java and Azureus didnt slow my pc at all. so while i believe STRAUSS (or whatever the name of uTorrent developer) (sorry), i'll stop using uTorrent and keep the excellent Azureus, it gives peace of mind since it's Open Source, it's super-fast, and while its a memory hog i dont notice anything. Thanks for uTorrent, it used to be a superb client, at least until i tested Azureus. no going back. Goodbye guys.
  7. hahaha ...HARSHFAILS lmao (you mean HASHFAIL) actually without going off topic i found that if i set 2 Slots i rarely get hashfails, setting to 3 slots i get hashfails at any upload speed. my upload is 128K aka 16kb/s and i limit my upload to 10kb/s. happends with every client i try so its not really uTorrent problem.
  8. switch to bill gates and enjoy the best torrent client "utorrent" ever. who needs a MAC. hell im using the OSX theme for my WinXP even. the looks of MAC with the bill gates OS WinXP Sp2. perfect combo. + utorrent 1.5
  9. i doubt any of you developers read the Thank you thread, reading THANK YOU over and over again could sound boring and so you may not read it at all. lol but i want to thank you anyhow especially for uTorrent 1.5 because its the best piece of software and especially best client ever made. excellent job.