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    I finally think I discovered the reason behind a bug I have been running into since RSS support was added to the webui. There was one URL that got cut off in the "Feed URL:" field when I edditted a Feed URL. It turns out the culprit is the pipe symbol. The site (TVTorrents) uses the | as a delimiter in the include and exclude fields of the URL. However, the | is also a field separator in the rss.dat config file. So the following line: http://www.tvtorrents.com/mytaggedRSS?digest=***&hash=***&exclude=(720p|Season.*Complete|NUKED)&interval=2+week will show up in the edit box as: http://www.tvtorrents.com/mytaggedRSS?digest=***&hash=***&exclude=(720p even though the length of the entire line should be known, it looks like it's not checked: i1e3:url204:TVTorrents Exclude|http://www.tvtorrents.com/mytaggedRSS?digest=****************************************&hash=****************************************&exclude=(720p|Season.*Complete|NUKED)&interval=2+week In this example, the name of the RSS feed + separator + URL is 204 characters Is this something that can be checked? Greetinx Johan
  2. I have a question about the enhancements (RSS) to the WebAPI: When will they be documented? Thanx
  3. I wrote some tools that make use of the WEBAPI (yes token authentication is being used) and under version 1.8.5, they work like a charm but in version 2.0.0, I do get a token but calls to for instance the getprops or list functions give me an error 300 back. Sadly, this means I have to revert back to version 1.8.5 Has something changed in the API or is this a bug. The weirdest thing is that the webui works just fine.... The problems I encounter happen with uTorrent 2.0.0 in combination with webui 0.362 and 0.370 Greetinx Johan