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  1. i also have this... but it will load if no torrents active.. but as soon as i load a torrent, crash.. and wont start(crashes and sends report, send report restart, crash, loop) i had to downgrade to a previous version to get it working.. hope the next version fixes
  2. not sure if its just me... but streaming seems to have been broken in this build(worked fine on prior builds) when i try to stream(or force stream) it completely crashes and has to restart (many dumps submitted via the built in crash reporter) and no matter what program i choose (web, vlc, mpc) i get the same
  3. many players cant play the way utorrent is streaming.. if u have a way for mpc-hc to work proper with the way utorrent streams please let me know... i'm trying to give a set of ideas for the developers to make it more compatible with a wider variety of players
  4. yes i know about first and last piece.. i said "few pieces" because with small pieces there is not enough data for the player to see it sometimes doesn't allow the player to catch the end of the file.. and thus will cut off the movie at the point where the chunk that is big enough for it to see is... as to suggestion 1 maybe should have worded it better.. i want to keep it as it is except remove the tie in to the stream player..make it a "checkable" option... so i can use my own player... and move it(stream player tie in) to a separate option
  5. ok.. here i go i can play not completed movies with mpc-hc if the last few pieces are completed and some of the beginning is too.. but i can not use mpc-hc as the player set as the stream player(gets stuck opening(buffering))..u used to be able to play incomplete video but the "open" option is grayed out.. if i force streaming and pause the video in the divx web player and then play the incomplete file(which i have to open the folder and open the file in explorer) with mpc-hc it will play with no problems.. imo streaming(sequential piece requests) should not stop when utorrent deems it streamable my proposed solution to this would be to: 1) change "force streaming" to forcing sequential requests(without its tie to the stream player) 2)add a "play with stream player" option(move the tie in to stream player here)(maybe gray out till streamable) 3) un-gray-out the "open" option(or add a "play with default player") 4) streaming should get the last few pieces of the file to be streamed first then do the sequential piece requests from the beginning of that file this would allow those of us that have players that can play incomplete files, but have problems with the way utorrent streams them, to stream files with those players without having to have another player running in the background on our browser the only other suggestion that i can think of is that it would be nice if u could make the transfer speed in 2 groups.. 1 being actual torrent transfer speed.. and the other being the actual speed including overhead for me when i look at u torrent i want to know the transfer as it relates to the torrents i am downloading... eg i could care less about the overhead and is slightly annoying for me to see it included but i do understand that some people have limits on their bandwidth and overhead counts toward that i am glad to say that other then what i stated above i have had no other problems what so ever since build 17618... no crashes(even though log reports "hang" and "unhang" messages sent to utorrent)... no speed problems.. all in all i feel u guys have done a wonderful job your hard work is much appreciated i hope my ideas are helpful
  6. is yellow blocks in the pieces tab blocks being req. from a source that it has waited to long for??
  7. green is for torrents in endgame(requests from multiple sources)
  8. whats the yellow in the blocks??(pieces tab) searched but could not find