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  1. w00t!! things are getting HEATED up in here.... niiiiiiiiceeee well usually a new release causes a HUGE stir....but THIS is a surprising exception. I'm gonna subscribe to this thread
  2. maku8ex

    Great programs you use

    MPUI cant play real media.... that's can play everything else though
  3. maku8ex

    Great programs you use

    mplayer .....Firon are u talking abt MPC ( media player classic ) if so.... then there's a big downer abt it.... no equaliser..
  4. CyberChaos tat is awesome!! I luv it.....I wanna see u make a complete set of toolbars, tabs, status, & main icons... GREAT JOB .... keep up the good work.
  5. A HUGE THANKS to all u develpers.....thnx for developing this superb software.. KEEP UP TE GOOD WORK>>
  6. umm isnt this thread getting kinda hijacked.... from logos suggestions to ad-block discussions??
  7. the bee made it onto the homepage...!!!! congrats BSH !!