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  1. A lot of bugs!! Why no issue tracker for utorrent? Please fix bug first than add new feature.
  2. I guess it was fixed in 3.4. Let's hope they'll back-port it to 3.3.x . I think so, I tried 3.4 without this problem, but bug in torrent detail info panel.
  3. Sometimes, "Remove and delete .torrent" will fail to delete torrent file. Same as 3.3 or 3.3.1. I am going to delete torrent file without close uTorrent, noticed file in used by another program, wich locked by uTorrent.
  4. Some days ago, I downloaded 3.3.2 beta build 29768. But today, I found 3.3.1 RC still updating. What's 3.3.2 ?? I am confuse. Edit. The newer 3.3.1 RC is 29801.
  5. There is still flushing to disk bug while torrent finished on 28918.
  6. After click ok button on preferences dialog.
  7. oh, what about RegKey error?
  8. another error: [2013-01-06 20:25:57] IO Error:1168 line:68 align:-99 pos:-99 count:10548 actual:0
  9. 28854 logger: [2013-01-06 15:45:46] RegKey: Could not delete value 2: uTorrent
  10. Build 28679 IO Error:1168 line:68 align:-99 pos:-99 count:4 actual:0
  11. There is select file bug on build 28326 and 28379. I deselect files in add torrent dialog, but utorrent still download full torrent.
  12. There is some bug on 2.2.1, I am using 3.1.3, because the old add torrent dialog
  13. I like rafi's design. I don't like uT to create sub-folder automatic, please let user choice !
  14. The dialog window height is too high, maybe you can re-design it for wide window. Move torrent contents or other section to right side of dialog. And some details. 1. If the checkbox of "Use the above name .." is un-checked, then empty sub-folder name, the list name should be keep default value. or 2. If no modified list name before empty sub-folder name, the list name should be keep default value.