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  1. I hear you, thing is none of the trackers that are serious accept a Alpha nor Beta client for that matter, actually they don't even allow it. I myself could not care LESS about the interface, that can be developed along the way. All I care about is the relevant part, at the end of the day none of the gibberish about icons here and there or spaces between columns matter at all. So in my honest opinion the development team should put there time and energy on releasing one version that is stable, the rest can be changed and improved with time. Just like the WIN version, it just worked without hassle then there was changes and those improved the application.
  2. Ah.. -that's it for me, I'm switching back to the ever painful Transmission since this thing here to me doesn't even look like the development team of uTorrent even read what this great (sadly) win-app-only application needs for Mac users.
  3. I have some suggestions to add, please do consider these for the feature releases since some of these are the very reason why uTorrent is above the other clients when it comes to the PC version. - When pressing "Remove All Files" all files should be deleted, including the files the client choses to change name to FILE_NAME.torrent.imported ... (I really don't understand why it changes the file names in the first place with the adding of "imported") - Pop-up menu upon adding new torrent so one can chose different location for the download, having everything in the same folder gets pretty overwhelming, as it stands now, there is no way to organize the actual files and folders. A nice feature would be; Having a category on the left hand side, just in between all the standards in "torrents" and the "Labels", something like "Tracker" and this would allow one to categorize different torrent's from all the different trackers. Thank you for the effort of making this client better with each update. /Daniel