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  1. Latest Alpha never fail during 1 day. Really progress. Thank you!
  2. Label is very good, but multi-label is better ;-)
  3. Thank you for the new alpha! 17898 still crashing within several seconds (more rapidly than previous one alpha). I am moving back to 17226. It seems problem is in some fix of memory leeks that was made in next release after 17226. Thank you for effort!
  4. Just from trying 17856. The same as was - crashes after 10-15 minutes from start. Freezes for 1-3 seconds and then exits. I am only uplader with high BW (5-10MB/s) and ~370 torrents.
  5. If developers need, I could provide them RDC access to my iMAC for any tests with my uTorrent and my torrent collection. MAC is online 24x7
  6. I do not download any one. Only upload. I have ~350 files (I mean torrents) for upload (3Tb). Common Average speed - 3MB/s
  7. Thank you for work! But in my case it still crashes after some minutes of work. Back to 17226 - have a lot of memory leaks but more stable than 17780.
  8. The same one as lutzy93 wrote ( 17496 version ), but not every 5 but every hour. I had it before in early alphas when moving from 0.9.2 to 0.9.3. It was fixed my re-adding all torret files again with killing resume.dat before that. I made it this time but it did not help. I have ~380 torrents ~4Tb. Settings of speed are all Unlimited. I could report log file of uTorrent if it helps.