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  1. Why would he want to do that? Why should ludde even consider giving out his private financial and business information to a bunch of idiots on the internet? That's right, he shouldn't. So no need to ask PeerFactor for anything :-P
  2. Smartass :-P If you read my post carefully, you can see that I'm not saying that my opinion has any importantce. This is indeed the internet, and anyone can say what they like. What's wrong is when people think that what they say matters, when it clearly does not matter. I just don't want this silly fellow to go through life thinking his opinion matters to ludde or anyone, he should know his ideas are worthless.
  3. You don't seem to understand this very basic concept. LUDDE DOES NOT WORK FOR YOU. In fact, ludde doesn't even care who you are or what you think. Neither do any other sensible people. It's nobody's job to reassure you or any of the other paranoid people. If you don't want to use the client don't use it and shut up about it. I hate it so much when nerds on the internet get the idea their opinion somehow matters just because they use a certain program.
  4. Not even that. Ludde did whatever the hell he wanted because, contrary to what all the thousands of sheep seem to think, just because you use utorrent doesn't mean you own Ludde. Ludde can go work for the Dark Lord for all I care, as long as he keeps working on utorrent. He can even murder babies and I'd still use utorrent. It's not anyone's place to demand anything. 12yo kids sure enjoy getting righteous on the internet....
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