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  1. Yeah the direction that 2.2 is taking you might as well rename the client because it's no longer the uTorrent (aka that is micro client) that it is suppose to be. The key word is MICRO.. not bloated fancy eye candy feature rich ugly client. Just make sure that 2.2 can go back to the look and streamline client of 2.0.3.
  2. I've gone back to this version.. the newest 2.2 interface is awful.. reminds me of all the fancy bloated clients out there.. I'm not for eye candy but functionality and 2.2 looks like too much eye candy for me.
  3. I really don't like the new UI at all. The category view.. awful.. I liked the old method it was nice tidy and small.. the toolbar not going all the cross is awful. The apps being in the main window.. put it in as a menu not showing all the time in the main window.. Now uTorrent is starting to look like a bloated client not the lean mean client it's always been.. changing UI is not better. The download buttons and upload buttons are so big and green it's hard to tell at a glance now what is seeding and downloading.. This beta the UI looks awful in general.
  4. The updater locked up.. tried updating many times through the updater.. it completely locked up.. Windows XP Sp3. I had to force end task uTorrent and the uTorrent tmp files so I could manually download the update and install it.
  5. crashes with error that it could not allocate memory location. Went back to previous version.
  6. Anybody elses RATIO broken? For a test I set one download to 10% ratio.. it's now at 2.724 and still seeding. Far cry from 10% ratio. Seems ratio is broken in this release. Another thing I noticed is pause all torrents didn't work either.. using Windows 7 32bit
  7. Windows 7 and this utorrent the main window shows everytime I add a torrent file. Did not do this before. This a bug with this version and Windows 7?
  8. This alpha has serious memory leaks.. maxed out my dual core to the point it almost froze up my system. Dual Core 4600+ AMD processor in Win XP Pro Sp3. For now I wnet back to 13910 it has been running alot more stable.
  9. first beta in a while that has given me issues.. this version seems to affect performance majorly.. can't barely watch a video with MPC.
  10. Check for updates does not even show this new version. I was running two versions ago old version and check for updates didn't show any new update. Today I decided to check out the webpage and saw that two newer versions was released. So Check for Updates seems like it needs some work since it definitely wasn't working.
  11. molitar

    WebUI v0.315

    xanderz, your problem most likely is very simple. You are missing /index.html. Unless you are running a web server on your computer it does not know to automatically look for index.html. You have to type that in fully on most computers. I personally have run the IIS Webserver so I don't have to type it in at all but most computers that have not need to type in the full url.
  12. Ares I want to say thank you for pointing that out. I was looking under the new webui and announcement forums. I didn't realize he posted beta type announcements under the general forum. So thanks
  13. I would like to beta test the webui. I have been a user of ABC but the DHT capability made me me over to Utorrent and I really require webui for keeping track of seeds and downloads I am doing on my system at home from work. I work for a company that does database software development in Delphi for clients that need custom data type applications like inventory and stock type applications for example. So I am familiar with how to track down causes for software errors. And if the need arises I could even test on my workstation at work which is an X64 Pro on an AMD64 processor and at home I run 32Bit XP Pro on an AMD64 processor. Custom built by me PC made for gaming and work useage so I have both games and development software on it.
  14. I check often hoping for the web interface. But still not available yet.