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  1. Bug found: When watching film series I usually download one file at a time and remove the old ones just to save disk space. However, when I did so with a torrent that had finished all its downloading (starting it again by setting a priority to a new file, that is) your streaming function wasn't too happy to be used. I tried to understand why the file was downloading at such a low rate, when I found out that I was currently downloading several hundreds of pieces simultanously. So to make these little pieces of the puzzle that a file is, I tried pausing, stopping and starting torrent again, but still they are listed as being downloading. What is hillarious is that when I stop the torrent they are still being shown as being downloaded o so quickly. Please take a look at my problem and fix it. Topical build: 26495
  2. How do I revert to latest build without streaming integrated into the GUI using WMP? The preferred solution would be to use the preferred streaming media player. The only thing you need to improve then is to allow reading and streaming media from rared files, and also those inside multiple rar-files. And if this is impossible, then perhaps offer an alternative packing solution that could be used by those who think that the original timestamps matching those of the ripping teams is a necessity, since after all that is these files' only purpose. Obviously, the next step is to get these files sandboxed and real-time scanned as they're downloaded and visualized in our media players, by the built in antivirus. Thank you for reading, and remember it was you who asked for feedback. My intentions were not to break the ambitious developers' hearts.