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  1. Honestly, there's one and only one thing I thought this would do for me, and it doesn't: Stop all torrents. Via URL. For instance: http://user:pass@ http://user:pass@ I want to be able to script this [using wget to trigger the URLs], so that I can have it automatically stop and start when I play quake. Having to go to a URL and select all and press pause.. well.. I already have VNC. The point is I don't want to do anything. When I play quake, I run "before quake.bat", which kills setpoint, hides my windows key, and then i have to manually shut off utorrent. I'd like to automate this process. I really thought the webUI would be the place to do it, and I can't believe there's no way to do so! All this fancy schmancy stuff just seems to be for people who don't understand that VNC already lets you go into your computer and see the REAL interface. This whole project is really kind of pointless in a sense, because the security hole is the same either way! But why not provide some useful URLs so we can actually *automate* something! I want to be able to have it happen as a side-effect in in existing script. The current set up does not seem able to do that. Thanks!