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  1. I have the same problem since first's releases of version 2.0. I still use version 1.8.5 because that. I've seen some users complaining about this, but nobody show interest.
  2. @agmt "P.S. this is very bad, that "Kill process" not killing uTorrent. And uTorrent still visible in process list after logoff - logon. Windows 7 x64" i heve the same problem since first versions of utorrent 2
  3. @arvid > I use Win7 x64 ultimate. updates Ok. i have this problem with 2.1 alpha too i'm back another time to 1.8.5
  4. uTorrent 2.0 don't close. I have been this problem since de firsts releases. after close uTorrent, the program stays "open" in task maneger.
  5. i use Win7 x64 and i have problems with upload/download limit since betas versions: just don´t work and the uTorrent don´t close in task maneger