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    BEncode Editor

    Thanks Ultima. I did some comparisons of completed and checking ones and using the editor added a "valid" key, put a valid number in the "completed on" key, and even copied the have key from a completed torrent to a test one. This doesn't seem to be enough still. Actually adding a valid key with a 1 gives me a blue icon but it starts downloading the whole thing again.. God I hope I'm not SOL..
  2. strum1

    BEncode Editor

    I save my torrents to a mapped network drive but I launched uTorrent today with no network drive. So all the torrents came up with a path not found. So I quit uTorrent and mapped the drive and launched uTorrent again but now it is checking every torrent. It's been running for 6 hours and it has only done about 70% of my first torrent and I got about 200 it needs to go through. At this rate, it can take months to go through the list. Is there a way I can tell uTorrent to not check? I used the Bencode editor and saw that all the ones that need to be checked have [48] after the name and all the good ones have [49] next to the name. Is this what designates if the torrent needs to be checked? If so how do I change it? If not, any idea how to solve this problem? Thanks folks By the way, this program kicks ass. I'm thinking of moving the torrents to an external storage and changing paths with this is so easy!