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  1. Ok i found out what file it is... apparently a download in progress of which i accidentally changed the file name.... Dont know why it is not in the temp folder instead of the appdata - utorrent folder....
  2. It has no file extention... just called al.
  3. What is the al file in the utorrent folder in the appdata - roaming? Mine is like 4gb!!!!
  4. Force recheck is always faded out for me.....
  5. I got a question... i notice that large files like 2gb over seem to be marked by utorrent as 100% complete but when viewing the video i notice buffering. So putting the file back in the temp folder n running the torrent for it again it hash checks the file around 99.9% complete. This has happen several times already. Is this a bug a problem at my end?