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  1. How do i need to fix this: After updating to this build i can't download or seed +- anything. Edit: Found it. It occurs when torrent directory has . in the back (ex. film./) FIX IT!
  2. This happened again (after next reboot). Clicking on the key isn't hard, but installing virus guard every time...
  3. Today i turned on my pc and saw, that my utorrent isn't "plus" anymore. I've downloaded the key again and it reversed to "plus" as it was, but after that it started installing virus guard (or something like that), even though I've disabled this feature trough options and i had it installed from the first usage.
  4. BTW that "play" feature, why not to use preferred player instead of media player imported into utorrent? Now it's very frustrating and unusable.
  5. First of all thanks for invitation. Now what i didn't like: http://youtu.be/XUPD0aaa-rA - here you can see that files with the same name keeps changing constantly and that, in my opinion, shouldn't be happening. Next - speeds are very unstable.
  6. uTorrent 3.0 has problems with up speed. With third version i had like 1mb/s upload speed, when i went back to last stable release upload speed become stable at around 7-11mb/s.
  7. As i have been using to utorrent 3 i noticed that it needs much more "help" from cpu. When i started downloading big files (~200gb and more) utorrent 3 needed 60% of my cpu, while 2.2.1 needs just ~5% of it.
  8. I only succeed to "stream" files with vlc media player and if i seek somewhere (even backwards) it disconnects. b.t.w it occasionally stops playing.
  9. When i use these settings for streaming files: http://min.us/lliW8, i receive this error: http://min.us/llleG. If i choose specific media player, then i don't receive any errors.