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  1. It seems to me that my reports are IGNORED, because this issue isn't solved, while new buggy builds keep coming since b.17085 which didn't cause CPU overload.
  2. Once again, the CPU use of the programm is about 100% it's unusable. It's a very annoying bug. I've got Athlon XP 2500+, WinXP sp3 pro, enough RAM and more than enough of everything else (hardware). uTorrent starts for about a minute (before it appears in taskbar), taskman shows its process using all the cpu (99% almost all the time). It's a fourth or fifth build I test and all of them waste cpu resources. The only build that doesn't have this bug is 17085. At least it is fine with me. Also closing the program doesn't close the process, so I have to terminate it manually via taskman,
  3. All the builds I tryed after build 17085 got extremely long loading time and also extreme cpu load up to 99% constantly. I've got athlon xp 2 ghz computer with single core. win xp sp3. I wonder what's wrong with it