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  1. Jeroenz0r


    Oh, yeah, right.|nl|US
  2. Jeroenz0r

    Flags|US --- Has anybody tested already or has some suggestions? The question mark is white/empty here. Or "" is already in the list.
  3. µTP/uTP keeps disabling itself at random. If I enable it and shut down µTorrent, it's still on the next time. But after some time it's off again. It happens in a timespan of 5 minutes, it just happened again.
  4. Jeroenz0r

  5. Wait, Megabytes per second? Well, of course, if you can upload at those speeds you fill other users their pipes pretty fast! You could try to upscale the number of upload slots per torrent, so you feed more people at the same time.
  6. I'm on build 26616 and it looks like can't copy the 'created by' and 'completed on' data to clipboard from the Info tab. :|
  7. Jeroenz0r

    Flags|NL|US hmm, * seems not only to be in France... Well, not much we can do about it.
  8. I would like to redo this, because a lot of Google results lead to dead topics. :| I'm running µTorrent 3.1 (build 26591). I deleted the torrent with "Remove And > Delete .torrent + Data". There is no trace of it left anywhere (no data in 'F:\P2P\New' and 'F:\P2P\Done' and no .torrent in 'F:\P2P\Torrents'). When I download the torrent again and start it, it tells me it's already in list. :/ I'm sorting by name in the root "Torrents (186)". It is not there... All I see in the logger tab is I hope I can get some new info on this. :cool:
  9. Jeroenz0r


    @schnurlos Thanks, I've looked into it and now have an updated config file!
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    here are some more you can add: 138 entries.