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  1. Crashdumps are stored generally in %AppData%\uTorrent
  2. Works in Google Chrome here (using version 22.0.1229.79). Not working for me. I tried with the latest versions of IE' date=' Firefox and Chrome. Non of them downloads. Firefox says "The connection has timed out". Is there a mirror for this file?[/quote'] I think the problem is your connection, honestly... that's served via limelight, a worldwide CDN. But if you need an alternate link, download it from our website. That's from our servers.
  3. On the first post? Works for me... Or is it broken on the website?
  4. It's not a Metro app, but it fixes a few problems (e.g. crashes) that have come up on W8 in desktop mode.
  5. Do you have the dumps?
  6. You'll see it one last time, but you shouldn't see it again every time you run it after that point. And now you can stop hassling me about it on IRC!
  7. The old method was just bad. It didn't make a distinction between setting the path and setting the name of the subfolder. Plus now we don't have to do insane hacks for the LRU list of paths.
  8. jesus You can't get into the Microsoft Store unless you make it a metro app so... Or run on Windows RT tablets, for that matter. Desktop version isn't going anywhere; we're just supporting another platform, like we do with the Android version of BitTorrent.
  9. No, it turns it on globally and leaves it on. Not sure if it'll use it for all torrents or just that specific one.
  10. I think you can if it is not tracker-less... And it will not enable DHT if there is a tracker defined. Actually - doesn't this change make the auto-enable of DHT redundant now? No, that's only for the torrent creator.
  11. It will ask you first, but yes. You can't download a magnet link without having DHT turned on.
  12. A new 3.2 is up to replace certain trackers' HTTP URLs with UDP as a quick fix.
  13. They don't start immediately. You get a dialog that loads up the magnet info (or tries to), and will eventually show you the files. Just make sure you have the relevant options enabled so you can see the Add Torrent dialog.
  14. I guess nothing is new... As we understand from the changelog... What worries me is the extra 130K in size We'd better wait for someone to explain that. Installer changes as always. We're doing a lot of testing, and many builds are short-lived, so changelogs will no longer be posted. Run 3.2 if you'd like to avoid that.
  15. Did you start with brand new data, or an existing torrent? edit: OK, it was new data. I'll report this and investigate more. It was SUPPOSED to be fixed, but I guess there's still some other cases beyond just what we knew caused it.
  16. This problem ONLY happens because of the unbuffered I/O. We removed that functionality in the most recent 3.2 builds. Therefore, it should be fixed now. This problem should no longer happen.
  17. Did you intentionally disabled the Windows cache controls? Yep, it's gone. Not just disabled, but truly gone. Serves no purpose anymore.
  18. I put up a new 3.3. This removes the unbuffered I/O code, removes the random read flag which makes Windows hold onto cached memory forever, and also fixes the hash failure problem as a side effect. Please keep a look out in Task Manager to see if memory usage still grows out of control when downloading very large files (not caused by utorrent.exe, but just seeing commit size increase without bound).
  19. It's probably not actually broken. That dialog has problems with the tree generation.
  20. New 3.1.3 to fix a deadlock and the startup crash some users are seeing.
  21. Does it hang forever? What errors do you see?
  22. Try the Ubuntu 10.10 version. I don't believe we're building Debian versions anymore.