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  1. It's an alpha, so crashes are to be expected.

    I know that, but it crashes every time before end to load all the torrent file (~1100).

    But that would be not a criticism, only a notification.

    I know it runs for a while with stock settings, but yeah.

    If you submit them when the client asks, we DO get them.

    Sorry, my bad English can't permit me to understand what you mean.

    Oh, 1000 torrents crashes it? That's actually good to know. We've only really tested 3.3 with just a few torrents.

    Anyway, I know it's not a criticism. We do appreciate you testing it :) I was just telling you that the "submit crashdumps to dev" feature actually goes to us. ;) Though I like when people post it on the forums too, since sometimes rare crashes are lost in the noise otherwise.

  2. Great! (and saving a spot at the top... just in case...)


    The biggest of these rewrites was disk i/o, to improve overall performanc

    No mention of this anywhere in the changelog... Are you sure it is in *this* release ? ... :P

    Yes. :P It just doesn't have a changelog entry, as it was a really large item.

  3. "error: invalid download state' date=' try resuming.."

    "error:handle is invalid"

    ^This happened right after the upgrade from 3.2 beta (27138)[/quote']

    Back to 27138 and everything works fine now.

    Did you try rechecking them?

  4. Although I agree with Firon on the lack of popularity of this feature, I don't agree with the conclusion. I think that everything that causes a program to crash - should be fixed, or at least investigated, to see if there is a root cause common to other things.

    Don't get me wrong - we investigate everything, but this is a really advanced feature that isn't exposed anywhere else, documented or well-supported. If a feature that only lives in advanced breaks, then that's just too bad.

    And he's reposted it like 15 times, jeez.

  5. This is a beta (expect bugs!) of µTorrent 3.3, where we've rewritten some pretty major, problematic sections of code. The biggest of these rewrites was disk i/o, to improve overall performance at both low and high speeds, whether writing to local disk, a RAID or a network drive.

    Please try it out and report any issues. As I mentioned before, this is an alpha, so there could be hangs, crashes or other problems.

    Download the new version now!

    Release highlights:

    • Disk I/O system completely rewritten. Now multi-threaded and high performance. It will take advantage of multiple disks, perform better with even just one, and no one disk job can block everything (e.g slow network blocking local I/O, or allocating files)
    • Search items in Advanced preferences
    • Paired device removal


    --2013-01-29: Version 3.3 RC 1 (build 29010)

    - Change: Perform search when user switches search provider

    --2013-01-29: Version 3.3 beta (build 29004)

    - Change: make progress bars not have rounded corners

    - Fix: Crash when adding magnet links

    --2013-01-28: Version 3.3 beta (build 28993)

    - Fix: disk write coalesce issue

    --2013-01-24: Version 3.3 beta (build 28965)

    - Fix: disk flushing issues

    - Fix: Show Flags in the Peer list the first time (no need for reload)

    - Fix: Don't add default labels to settings file

    --2013-01-15: Version 3.3 beta (build 28918)

    - Fix: Metadata downloads taking too long

    - Fix: Reduce time to flush disk jobs

    - Change: Remove Labels page from preferences, will be reintroduced in 3.4 or earlier

    - Fix: Installer default to existing install path if found

    - Change: Sort Rss feeds alphabetically

    --2013-01-11: Version 3.3 beta (build 28910)

    - Fix: Crash in the installer

    - Fix: stack smash bug in DHT

    - Fix: Show update dialogs

    - Change: Show warning messages when trying to open converted files of 10 more torrents

    --2013-01-10: Version 3.3 beta (build 28893)

    - Fix: Prevent automatic recreation of parent directories on filestorage writes when directory goes away (eg: drive unmounted)

    - Fix: assert/crash in header accelerator when torrent goes in to error state

    - Fix: might fix the crash of assert(_next_check_piece >= _num_checking_active)

    - Change: bigger average writes by making the job list a priority heap

    --2013-01-08: Version 3.3 beta (build 28883)

    - Fix: hanging problems if users cancel the installation

    - Fix: Uninstall from Windows control panel was broken.

    - Fix: Start when Windows starts preference functionality.

    - Fix: return codes for elevated install.

    --2013-01-03: Version 3.3 beta (build 28854)

    - Change: Disable Copy Magnet URI, Move Up Queue, and Move Up Down if Torrents(x) is selected

    - Fix: installed path on multibyte language systems

    --2012-12-26: Version 3.3 beta (build 28830)

    - Fix: small memory leak in DHT

    - Fix: Filter torrents immediately after we switch searchbox to "filtering" mode

    - Change: Remove the count of the parent "Labels" node

    - Fix: De-select all torrents when changing category

    - Fix: minor memory leak in search box

    - Fix: minor memory leak when distributed cache is enabled

    - Fix: crash when terminating IE frame

    - Fix: crash when loading resume.dat with missing .torrent files

    - Fix: crash in installer

    - Fix: Spinning arrows flicker when resizing add torrent dialogs

    --2012-12-16: Version 3.3 beta (build 28763)

    - Fix: division by zero in mkv parser

    - Fix: crash when detecting plugged in phone while shutting down

    - Fix: optimize part file read pattern

    - Fix: tracker announce request when torrent doesn't have metadata

    - Fix: search provider URLs support %s again

    - Fix: Maintain upload rate limit when download limit is turned off

    - Fix: Allow creation and seeding of read-only files by not truncating to size if the size is already correct

    --2012-11-21: Version 3.3 alpha (build 28582)

    - Fix UT Plus LREC height mis-sizing

    - Remove: obsolete graphic images

    - Fix: Crash in LAdWindow

    - Fix: Restore global upload rate limiting

    - Fix: rare crash in udp tracker code

    - Fix: coalesce writes from cache to disk

    --2012-11-08: Version 3.3 alpha (build 28508)

    - Fix: Install / Uninstall race condition

    - Fix: some timer wrapper issues

    - Fix: peer ID bug causing disconnects

    - Fix: unchecking files in add torrent dialog was broken

    - Fix: potential crash when anti-virus scanning would fail

    - Change: Control-f switches the search box to a torrent filter

    --2012-11-01: Version 3.3 alpha (build 28431)

    - Fix: Malformed web seed HTTP requests for files with spaces in their name

    - Fix: Language files downloading issue in BitTorrent

    - Change: Include all trackers in "Copy Magnet URI" command, not just the first tier

    --2012-10-19: Version 3.3 alpha (build 28287)

    - Fix: existing files would not be re-checked when adding a resolved magnet link in add torrent dialog

    - Fix: remove redundant virus warning when opening files

    - Change: Remove torrent filter, put it in the Search Box. Select "Filter My Torrents" in dropdown.

    --2012-10-12: Version 3.3 alpha (build 28203)

    - Fix: possible crash on startup

    - Feature: Add TCP-style slow-start to uTP

    - Fix: make Force Recheck circumvent file timestamp optimization (to actually force a recheck)

    - Change: improve status message for magnet links that need DHT when DHT is disabled

    - Fix: disable comment fields when disabling comment support

    --2012-10-09: Version 3.3 alpha (build 28146)

    - Fix: intermittent crashes when moving completed torrents

    - Fix: crashes related to checking torrents

    - Fix: Polished the Add Torrent dialog

    - Fix: correct directory storage of magnetlink files

    --2012-10-05: Version 3.3 alpha (build 28120)

    - Change: add advanced option to turn off randomized peer IDs

    - Fix: the divider auto-sizing feauture of list view

    - Fix: lowered uT-remote timeouts, for more responsive connectivity to server

    - Fix: typo in DHT scrape response

    - Fix: SSDP notifies would sometimes advertize the wrong IP

    - Feature: Added flags for optimizing disk IO

    - Fix: crash when showing anti-virus dialogs

    - Feature: Added a ctrl-f torrent filter, hit escape to close it

    - Change: Gray out the scan for viruses option in the context menu if a user disable

    - Change: wording of UI setting to show add torrent dialog

    --2012-09-26: Version 3.3 alpha (build 28038)

    - Fix: local peers would not be subject to disk congestion limits (when not limiting local peers)

    - Fix: OK/Cancel buttons disappeared after resizing the Add torrent dialog horizontally

    - Feature: Added settings to optimize disk IO including write through and compact allocation by filesystem

    - Fix: Adding the first torrent via magnet link doesn't refresh the torrent list

    - Fix: bug where magnet link torrents were being added to parent of desired dl dir, when not using add dialog

    --2012-09-20: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27994)

    - Fix: Adding the first torrent via magnet link doesn't refresh the torrent list

    - Fix: race condition when clicking on anti-virus button in download list

    - Fix: the installer would always show up when running in stand-alone mode from a drive other than C:\

    - Fix: Set Download Location

    - Fix: dynamic socket buffer size logic (disabled by default)

    --2012-09-12: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27930)

    - Fix: don't execute commands on background/hidden torrents (for instance in the add torrent dialog)

    - Fix: torrent order issue with magnet links

    - Fix: multi-file magnet links are now correctly downloaded into a directory with the torrent's name

    --2012-09-06: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27893)

    - Fix: gdi plus initialization

    - Fix: growing settings.dat problem

    -- 2012-08-29: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27841)

    - Feature: extend UDP trackers to send request string from url

    - Fix: gui freeze when downloading at high rates

    - Fix: "add at top of queue" checkbox now works for magnet links

    - Fix: multi-file magnet links are now correctly downloaded into a directory with the torrent's name

    - Feature: don't use a consistent peer-id (to mitigate tracking)

    - Fix: remove play/app/antivitus buttons from torrent list, show hand cursor to indicate clickability

    -- 2012-08-13: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27745)

    - Fix: /proxy request parser crash

    - Fix: mp4/mov parser crash

    - Fix: GUI refresh crash

    -- 2012-08-01: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27681)

    - Feature: never try a tracker again if it returns status code 410

    - Fix: improve BitTorrent streaming feature

    - Fix: crash fixes

    - Feature: dns tracker preferences

    - Fix: untriggered jobs

    - Fix: resume.dat performance

    -- 2012-07-20: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27612)

    - Feature: introduce disk job timing graph

    - Fix: last shutdown hang

    -- 2012-07-18: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27609)

    - Fix: shutdown hang

    - Fix: potential crash when loading resume.dat referring to missing torrents

    - Fix: crash when shutting down with active torrents

    - Fix: crash when allocating pieces in compact allocation

    -- 2012-07-02: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27559)

    - Feature: introduce a few more torrent states when downloading magnet links

    - Fix: crash on torrent creation

    - Fix: fixed crash when deleting torrents

    - Fix: crash on torrent creation

    -- 2012-06-29: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27541)

    - Fix: top crashes

    - Fix: don't write the block list in a part file in 4-byte increments

    -- 2012-06-28: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27533)

    - Fix: crashes in download list, mostly when deleting torrents

    - Fix: proxy socket rate control bugs including overflow problem

    - Fix: serving loose files from transcoder now allows seek in chrom

    - Fix: fixed .mov and .mp4 video header parser for resolution

    - Feature: support BitTorrent/uTorrent Remote registration via HTTP interface

    - Fix: make torrent adding by URL work in more cases

    -- 2012-06-19: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27454)

    - Fix: crash when parsing metadata for mkv file

    - Fix: recognize that a missing file invalidates known hash data when rechecking

    - Fix: potential crash when deleting torrents

    - Fix: possible crash when starting up magnet links and downloading metadata from multiple peers

    - Fix: GUI glitches where deleting torrents sometimes would leave some fields behind

    -- 2012-06-13: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27408)

    - Fix: hash failures introduced in the new diskio code

    - Fix: uTP stability issues. including a timer overflow for computers with uptime longer than 24.8 days

    - Fix: crash in metadata parser

    - Feature: loading a torrent that matches an unloaded magnet link populates the magnet

    -- 2012-06-04: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27329)

    - Change: remove unbuffered I/O for performance

    - Change: remove random i/o flag to prevent Windows from caching it forever

    - Fix: startup crash when settings.dat was corrupt

    - Fix: fix disk cache graphs

    -- 2012-05-23: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27280)

    - Fix: video slider steps should be small for fine control and visual smoothness

    - Fix: fixed lack of window frame for popped-out video; returning to embedded video works fine too;

    - Fix: heap corruption

    - Fix: partfile use

    - Feature: sanity check on how many uTP connections we allow

    - Feature: minimal support for pad-files (deselect them by default)

    - Feature: retry http connection when host resolves into multiple ips and the first fails

    -- 2012-05-18: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27251)

    - Fix: Improperly formatted torrent vote messages

    - Fix: Only request IPV4 addresses for udp tracker DNS resolution

    - Fix: Bad outgoing request_peer DHT message when filename length over 100

    - Fix: fixed savedir issue for magnet links that was resolved in the add torrent dialog

    - Fix: possible deadlock when reporting a hang

    - Fix: force-started magnet links would be stopped after metadata was received

    - Fix: Fixed not sending MTU probes.

    - Change: uTP timers are now classes that can be swapped out for testing and produce consistent unit test results.

    - Fix: Magnet link metadata is truncated to size early.

    -- 2012-05-08: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27184)

    - Fix: issue where uTorrent would not make outgoing connections under certain circumstances

    - Fix: magnet links would not have a correct added-on date

    - Change: uTP now uses a retransmit counter rather than a timer for killing connections with packet loss.

    -- 2012-05-07: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27179)

    - Change: re-enable uTP by default

    - Feature: bring back autoshutdown functionality

    - Fix: fixed crash in AddPre window when cancelling

    - Fix: fixed top crash (caused by receiving invalid DHT messages)

    -- 2012-05-02: Version 3.3 alpha (build 27150)

    - Change: rewritten, multithreaded disk i/o

    - Change: remove unsafe string format handling code to improve stability

    - Fix: lots of memory leaks

    - Change: remove DNA

    - Fix: Remaining instances of access to an already closed handle as well as apparent hash fails.

    - Fix: Account for cache space before and after writes.

    - Change: Files in a torrent now become read-only while seeding.

    - Fix: limit the scope of files btapp can access to those a user has selected.

    - Change: Added advanced feature: diskio.quick_hash

    - Change: clean up semantics around download location. The download location is now the root folder, independent on multifile torrent or not

    - Fix: Don't load torrent twice, this was causing sizes to appear as double sometimes.

    - Change: Increase supported torrent (total files) size from 1TB to 17TB.

    - Fix: Don't set all files to skip when loading torrents

    - Fix: shutdown hang

    - Fix: fixed very long btapp descriptions from overflowing permissions dialog

    - Fix: Make moving a file count as activity when deciding whether to shut down

    - Fix: Fix some crashes resulting from media state callback being run without the network lock

    - Change: Only show error dialog Show "Failed to add file to iTunes" once per unique error type

    - Change: Separate path from name/destination in add torrent dialog

    - Fix: fixed bug where SSDP UUID in UPnP broadcast was inconsistent and didn't match settings

    - Change: added codec information for mp4, mov and mkv and to the webui streamables

    - Feature: Display allocating status of torrents

    - Fix: fixed bug where multi-file torrents would not be copied to new volumes

    - Fix: fixed potential installer hang when there's no internet connection

    - Fix: fixed bug where sometimes active torrents would not inline in RSS feed view

    - Fix: fixed GDI object leak when preparing to stream

  6. 13xforever

    portable mode + use isp.peer.policy_url = crash

    portable mode + isp.peer.policy_url=*false = work fine

    ps 3.1.3 portable mode + use isp.peer.policy_url = work fine

    Whatever. No one uses the feature. It's a very low priority to fix. Stop reposting it.

  7. Just curious about "unsupported torrent size"' date=' any work being done to support it ?

    And what about fixing Deleting selected torrents moves highlighting on random torrents ?

    Need maybe regression range ? I will try to find it, if it's needed. Because dealing with many torrents is pain in the ass to making sure that all torrents are unhighlighted before next big operation :P

    It happens with me as well.

    Lets wait for a fix.

    The first one will be fixed in the next build of 3.2.

    As for the second issue, our highlighting behavior has always been a bit wonky. No plans to fix it just yet.

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