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  1. Issues I've had with uTorrent but still persists up to this point:

    - uTorrent locking on the process seen on the task manager even after closing the app

    - Some trouble updating

    - Multiple uTorrent processes (depends on how many attempts were used to re-run the app)

    Exclusive for this beta version:

    - It takes too long to load uTorrent after every startup of the system

    - Difficulty in running the app overall; re-running causes multiple processes of the same app running as seen on the task manager

    - Difficulty uninstalling

    Make sure your settings.dat is not large. If it's more than like 100kb or so, then you should delete it + .old before starting up uT.

  2. Our site is banning all 3.x.x and up agents. Theres severals problems. Please dont just label beeta versions to stable.

    Just saying that there are "problems" that bother you w/o describing them is ridiculous! Don't you want people here to also fix them at least the ones that important to you - for your users? :(

    Private tracker staff rarely ever say what the "problem" is. They just say "PROBLEMS!" and that's it. It's really quite unhelpful.

    A few do, but those have been pretty rare over the past few years.

  3. We believe we have them all now. A refresh will be coming today with the final fix (having tested this new fix with Rafi already)

    Don't forget about "webui.download_folders" and "ct_hist" (of osmosis).

    Yes' date=' and add_dialog_hist seems fixed now, but it still doesn't retain the trailing "\" in the folders, making it change to the directory above every time the Add dialog opens. (ie. G:\Temp\TVEps -> G:\Temp -> G:).[/quote']

    I can't repro your bug with path components being stripped. Are you on 27026? If so, please give me steps to reproduce this issue and clarify how you're adding the torrents (magnet links, add by URL, torrent from your browser, etc).

  4. One must question *when* it gets deemed too broke to fix? When are the problems more than the solutions. And when should another path, though closely aligned, be taken?

    I still maintain that the 3x - and especially the 3.2x path is irrevocably broken.

    Hey, simple guideline - if rafi can break it, it ain't fixed ;)

    It's not irrevocably broken. We've been paying down a lot of tech debt, and our betas are a lot less stable than 2.x betas for that reason.

  5. very update gives the double amount of new bugs...The settings.dat still grows
    What build # do you run? This should be OK in the latest - 27026 .

    I am using 27020. 27026 doesn't even start for me (I am running Windows 7 Pro x64).

    Delete your settings file before upgrading.

  6. I wrote simple script to fix settings.dat (on php).

    If anyone required, ask me :) I can share the script or convert your file.

    2Firon: If you still not all cases fixed, here my broken lists in settings.dat (was records => fixed count):

    add_dialog_hist: 180224 => 11

    dl_image_modifiedsince: 65536 => 7

    lvc_addpre/columns: 49152 => 3

    lvc_conversion/columns: 180224 => 11

    lvc_device/columns: 180224 => 11

    lvc_files/columns: 262144 => 16

    lvc_overview_apps/columns: 638976 => 39

    lvc_overview_rss/columns: 638976 => 39

    lvc_peers/columns: 311296 => 19

    lvc_tracker/columns: 131072 => 8

    webui.pair_hashes/entries: 131072 => 8

    We believe we have them all now. A refresh will be coming today with the final fix (having tested this new fix with Rafi already)

  7. New build up.

    The add torrent dialog should now correctly handle magnet links and single-file torrents.

    Splitting the save path + name up into two entries simplifies things greatly with history handling and in general.

    It also makes it simpler for us to implement simple rename operations for the torrent folder, to help us fix the issues with set download location not allowing you to rename or not move. Set DL location isn't really fixed yet, but this is a step towards that.

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