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  1. So? You could be hosting legal torrents, or in a country where it doesn't apply. Beat you by two seconds Ultima. My only limit is the 60 second timer between posts.
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    How strange, it seems like US flags really do disappear when using custom TLDs... I tried with unix and dos line feeds, no difference. Removing all US mappings didn't make a difference either. Maybe it's a bug... Removing all mappings doesn't matter, peer.resolve_country simply doesn't work with a flags.conf present. I guess it's to prevent conflicts between the two?
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    You don't need to map US hosts. The US flag shows by default for com/net.
  4. it's not based off or inspired by the Azureus UI. in fact, I believe it was inspired by Rufus torrent.
  5. 'will be'? most aren't and they've shown it.. that's why silver's locked so many threads XD
  6. diskio.flush_files is godly, as is the low memory/cpu use. Small footprint, full functionality, what more can you ask for? Azureus and Java can piss off.
  7. 1.1.8 takes care of the connection attempt limit by limiting it to 8 connection attempts (the same amount as Azureus). uTorrent's default settings will be adjusted to work better. The cache will be increased slightly by default, flush files will be on by default, diskio.write_delay will no longer be changeable, and possibly other changes.
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    Browser: Firefox 1.5RC1, IE6 SP2 as a backup Email: Gmail Video player: Media Player Classic IM: AIM IRC: mIRC Music Player: Winamp Audio Editing: Goldwave, MediaCoder (transcoder), LAME 3.97b1 Video Editing: VirtualDubMod, the entire TMPGEnc suite, WinAVI Image Browsing:ACDSee 5.0 Image Editing: FotoCanvas 2.0 Text Editing: UltraEdit-32, notepad for really simple stuff Hex Editing: XVI32 and UltraEdit-32 Archiving: WinRAR and 7-zip CD Mastering: Padus DiscJuggler Image Burning: Padus DiscJuggler, Alcohol 120% sometimes Drive Mounting: Daemon Tools Antivirus: Good computing practices Antispyware: SpywareBlaster, Spybot S&D (immunize function only) Bandwidth Monitor/Traffic Shaper: cFosSpeed FTP Client: SmartFTP Office Software: OpenOffice 2.0 HTTP Server: Icecast2 Win32's fileserve feature XD FTP Server: Serv-U Disk Maintenance: PerfectDisk 7 Hash checking: fsum to create, QuickPar to check