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  1. 3.4 displays torrent content incorrectly. It adds unnecessarily expanded folders. This is how it should be shown. Version 3.3.2.
  2. Thanks, rafi, but it takes me to the 338 build.
  3. Somebody please give a permanent link to the latest build.
  4. Download limit isn't working in scheduler.
  5. 3.3 b29625 - THE BUG is still out there.
  6. Sorry for the long silence, I can confirm now that there are no mentioned symptoms on 3.3.1.
  7. Ok, I'll let you know tomorrow.
  8. Can't say nothing because didn't test yet.
  9. utorrent 3.3 doesn't wake up (no active uploads and downloads overload hdd) after computer sleep and doesn't exit (have to end process via task manager). But there are no such problems with 3.2.3.
  10. Can I get an adequate answer from THE DEVELOPERS? :|
  11. Thanks, Captain obvious, I know it. Wouldn't it more comfortable to remove duplicating locations?
  12. Why does utorrent keep duplicate save locations? Can this be fixed?
  13. When this bug will finally be fixed?
  14. Same destination paths hoard. Also it was promised a long time ago that it would be allowed to change the order of the tabs (files, info, peers, trackers, etc.) but still the song remains the same.
  15. How about a manual for new label and directory rules feature?
  16. I've just deleted settings.dat and configured utorrent from scratch. Same shit.
  17. Yes, this ~utorrent.... file doesn't appear.
  18. Nope. It doesn't work. It was already turned on. I even tried to disable and then enable it again. :|I had to revert to 2.2.1 (25302). Everything's fine there.
  19. Somehow utorrent allocates all files in added torrent despite I uncheck unnecessary ones. That would be understandable if they were tiny but this happens even with huge files like FullHD movies and etc.
  20. Sadly this is not an option to me.
  21. Confirm.Can I hide this thing anyhow?