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  1. It's with a bit of a heavy heart that I delete uTorrent today, never to return. The program is absolutely awesome with its tiny footprint, incredible featureset, and the best autoupdate I've ever seen. It's the best torrent client for Windows, bar none. Unfortunately, I just can't forgive the author for consorting with a company so obviously bent on harming the P2P community. I don't know anyone who would take a job without Googling the company first, if for no other reason than to know what to talk about in an interview. I think Ludde knew very well what he was getting into and he didn't think the community would make so much noise about it, or more likely he didn't think anyone would find out at all. I find it hard to say anything bad about Ludde because who could claim that he hasn't done enough for the BT community? Still, his stubborn and minimal words combined with his reluctance to open the souce tip the scale for me. Even if he isn't helping an anti-P2P company outright, he is helping an advertising company allow home PCs to upload ads to eachother. I've never known adware to ask me nicely if it can pay me to turn my computer into an advertising server so I presume this much discussed DLL file won't exactly be used to turn the internet into a better place. I'm really, really sorry to switch back to Azureus, though that's a great client as well. I loved uTorrent and made sure all my friends switched to it, but now I'm going to show them the Slick article and tell them all to switch back to Azureus. Ludde, honestly, I thank you very much for your selfless contributions in making a truly excellent program and giving it away for free. I respect that more than any other human trait, but you signed away your scruples in your actions and your words, and in a market of free software there's really no benefit to putting myself at risk (even imagined risk) to pledge an allegiance. I wish you the best of luck in programming your freeware and your adware.