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  1. I am really really digging the 0.9.3 Alpha. This is now feature set wise, a step past Transmission) and is at least as stable for me. Is there a place we can post specific (and repeatable) bugs that we have found? I don't really want to just whine about how it is not the same as X. or needs this feature or that feature, but if the developers want spcific info about bugs on the Mac Alpha, I found a reproducible one (When the file names have question marks in them uTorrent won't open them) OS X 10.5.8 and latest 0.9.3 uTorrent alpha. Additional found bug: Any punctuation causes that torrent file not to load. Hwat is interesting is that the copy of the torrent file that uTorrent uses does have the puncutation in it.
  2. Love the label functionality. Thanks for the work on this.