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  1. hello utorrent community A great discussion here, i see, i agree with some arguments of repo, there are many questions open, but the dicision that mr. strigeus made are probably necessary, for the survival of the utorrent project, live is expensive, nobody can buy something with "praise" But the informations, true or not,that spread out in the internet like a bushfire, made a great damage to the image of utorrent and mr. strigeus. And i think that many user are procured about that change. But hey seriously live goes on and nobody's hurt.People that don't accept the new course are not forced to use it any further. I am greatfull for the work of mr. strigeus, had a lot of fun with the program. Thats not an invitation to use strong language against my post,a little respect opposite others should not be luxury, even if they do not like utorrent. greetings from Swiss
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