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  1. Thanks for the explanation. Done some digging & testing on UPnP and I do have a dlink router... It works fine in Azureus though (just tested with uTorrent having failed on its own port and Azureus worked a treat), so perhaps their UPnP impl is more compatible with my router. I'll do a manual port forward so its not a huge deal but it suggests something isn't quite right. Thanks.
  2. ok... UPnP doesn't work for me in uTorrent then! It worked ok for me in Azureus so presumably it can work on my machine. I'll have a dig around on the forum to see if there is a known fix in case it is my config somehow. I found another potential bug too. If you turn on verbose logging in the log tab with the right click context menu check item, then try to turn it off, it doesn't turn off.
  3. UPnP no longer works for me. I noticed a couple of comments about this regarding the beta version in the bug forum so was a bit surprised when I let the autoupdate run and it was still borked. My icon stays yellow and I get an entry in the log 'Unable to map UPnP port to' Don't think I had this problem on the previous version, and it certainly worked ok with azureus so I don't think its the router.
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