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  1. How can I remove toolbar where buttons "Welcome - Start here" and "Torrents - View your content" reside?
  2. Does it ask before install? If no - this feature seems unsafe(junk/malicious apps distribution).
  3. No autoupdate µT2.2.1 (23908) GMT 1:5
  4. As fatspirit and 420 wrote For example: I have two .torrents - №1 torrent i've downloaded, №2 i want to reseed. They both have images inside them. Images are md5-identical, but with different filenames. .torrent №2 besides of image have additional file(an .nfo), i don't have this file. I relocate image from .torrent №2 to point on image from .torrent №1. And after rechecking of .torrent №2 image have 99.8%. But in pieces view there are all pieces present. This is the problem. If I start .torrent №2, then it downloads one piece, but md5 of image isn't changed - these piece carries an .nfo file inside and a part of image that I already have. I understand, that some pieces carry data from two files and do not ask to fix this. I want to disable hash check of relocated files (i will control integrity of files myself).
  5. DreadWingKnight Again: upload rate when not downloading - that download rate in most cases is maximal. Now, if user wants limit upload rate _when_ downloading, he may change Maximum upload rate - it's illogical, because Maximum upload rate are maximal upload rate that connection have. So isn't this more logical to revert rates? Or you cannot understand, why i'm asking for that? If you don't want to change anything (like these minor requests) then just say that.
  6. Ultima 1) It is just logically incorrect: Maximum upload rate is a rate, that are maximal for the user - i.e. there is nothing more than that rate. 2)If user wants to revert changes, then he must restore old value to the Maximum upload rate AND uncheck checkbox. This is one more unnecessary operation. 3)Isn't this quite obvious?
  7. Please, change logic: Alternate upload rate _when downloading_ Because if i want to remove limit - i must copy value from Alternate upload rate when NOT downloading to Maximum upload rate(or reenter them). With changed logic, i must just uncheck checkbox.
  8. Firon, http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=547024 - please, help
  9. But, when uploading aggresively in 2.2 all ok. And without clearing, cache trashing very fast. Can i manually specify cached piece aging time?
  10. bt.tcp_rate_control false diskio.coalesce_write_size 16777216 net.max_halfopen 10 (tcp.sys patched to 20) net.utp_initial packet_size 5 net.utp_packet_size_intrval 9 net.utp_receive_target_delay 400 (adsl) net.utp_target_delay 400 (adsl) line is maxed out(4mbit down/1.8 up) but ping and speed are unstable - overloaded isp adsl router un bridge mode(connection established wia raspppoe), mtu 1492 if you want - another time resolutions (2.2 only, 2.2.1 seems to upload unstable): http://hotimg23.fotki.com/a/94_178/50_72/1s.png http://hotimg23.fotki.com/a/94_178/50_72/5s.png http://hotimg23.fotki.com/a/94_178/50_72/5m.png http://hotimg23.fotki.com/a/94_178/50_72/30s.png
  11. Firon, i think, to avoid situations like that, you may say "this should be fixed in next build, it arrives in this week". Anyway, sooner or later you will have to introduce something like "blizzard time".
  12. Change: remove the overhead display from the status bar How to turn back on?