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  1. HAHA!!!! IT WORKS!!! Had to use a weird method to get it running (am on amd64 but have to use wine 32bit without 32bit chroot, lol), it has to look like crap (window themes make it slow as hell) but so far so good, I managed to actually update through it Off to try and do some seeding
  2. so uTorrent now works flawlessly with WINE? Too bad I can't find any x86_64 debian packages on their download site and I have no idea which one of the amd64 rpms I should download :S Any suggestions? (No, I will NOT compile it... I don't have that much time to waste ) If I get it to install then I'll be sure to try compiling uTorrent with winelib... and uhh this just occurred to me, how are we supposed to compile with winelib without the uTorrent source?
  3. So uTorrent won't run on the current (WINE) version? Anyway, once it does work will I be able to just start the torrents again under linux and continue them from Win?
  4. DeviantART has a similar dude, I don't think it's actually a robot but it's similar (expcept it has hands and no antenna). Looks good though Has that "Cute" look.
  5. Thank You!!!! Now it is perfect! Nothing more that I could want from it
  6. Wow, I wanted something like this in BT, never new it actually existed Does this mean that you can add a known HTTP source as a peer in the client and it will download from that source or does it have to be specified in the tracker etc? Either way a big +1 from me
  7. hmm might aswell, Thanks for all the hard work put into this great small but feature rich client!! Hope all goes well with teh Linux portage Then it will be #1 + 1 client