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  1. How do I change language in App Studio? Having utorrent in English and App Studio in Russian is really annoying.
  2. Here it is: Hope this'll help. Probably the problem is in 'number of upload slots per torrent'. Now it is set to 5, I tried to change it to 200, but it didn't solve the problem. I don't know, what else could it be EDIT. BTW, download works just fine without any limits.
  3. I did some testing and you were actually right about setting limit. See graph: No limit - no speed. Set limit way above possible maximum and speed quickly goes up. Disable limit and speed goes down again. I hope this'll get fixed soon, because I don't want to have limit enabled.
  4. Because my ISP uses NAT, and sometimes it's green, yellow or even red. It doesn't really matter, because 2.0 (and earlier versions) works fine. I'll try to do more testing when I have time.
  5. Seeding in 2.0.1 seems terribly broken. Testing 2.0 (18488): Then switch to 2.0.1 (19078): Then back again to 2.0, just to be sure: Calc.overhead is disabled, bandwith management and tcp_rate_control is enabled. All other settings and torrents are the same. No limits are set.