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  1. Southrop from BakaBT here to give you an update. We simply hadn't updated our whitelist at the time. 2.0.4 has been whitelisted for a few hours now. We will probably remove older versions from the whitelist in the near future to ensure the safety of our users. Thanks to the uTorrent Dev Team for rolling out an update for the security issue so quickly! I'm in agreement with this opinion. I've been personally posting in trackers that I don't regularly use to petition for 2.0.4 to be whitelisted.
  2. Odd. I'm not getting that box. I've registered before though.
  3. Right. Now I'm getting this: Is it just me?
  4. I got that Not Compatible error message too. I just restarted uTorrent and it's fine again. Not sure what happened there, but perhaps leaving it open for too long does that? I've had uTorrent open for over a day until I restarted it a few minutes ago. However, I am getting a 503 error for the UI. I'm getting this: And despite refreshing, reloading and then trying again, it doesn't change. Anyone else getting this?
  5. Hi, I did a quick search and read-through of this thread, and I haven't seen this reported already. For some reason, my Boss-key feature isn't working properly. When I press my shortcut, it minimizes uTorrent if it's open, but the tray icon doesn't disappear. Similarly, if I start uTorrent using /HIDE (i.e. start in boss mode), I can't use my shortcut to then unhide it. Is it just me? edit: I wasn't sure if this was supposed to go here or in the bugs forum, as this is still an alpha version (not public beta).