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  1. Same here with endless logs. Win 7 x64 Home Prem
  2. So what is the changelog for 19280. Hasn't crash for me yet but geting alot of [2010-04-30 03:11:21] IO Error:6 line:293 align:-99 pos:0 count:-99 actual:-99 [2010-04-30 03:11:21] IO Error:6 line:324 align:512 pos:0 count:131072 actual:-99 [2010-04-30 03:11:21] IO Error:6 line:1430 align:512 pos:0 count:131072 actual:1 at UTorrent startup.
  3. Still get disk overload with 18518. Got it with 18429 also. After about 30 min or so all speed die to about 1-2k disk overload 100%. All default settings so all changes happen with update. Back to 18304 for now. Thanks for the great work.
  4. Noticed the same, started after update from 18304 to 18429 never got on previous versions but I get Disk overload: 100% trying some of the suggestions for previous posts about overload.
  5. already in use Moved client to new machine. Is there a no way to move username to new machine?