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  1. The Files tab, arrrgh! Why you had to put it in the beginning? It would be so much better if we could rearrange it by ourselves, you know. Leave the decision to us, so we could move the tabs, like in firefox. Just a suggestion.
  2. What happend to the overhead in the status bar? Now I have onyl "U:" and "T:", but no "O:" EDIT: Oh nevermind. Found it gui.overhead_in_statusbar
  3. Only I can't download help file in 2.0.2? I get HTTP Error 404.
  4. OK, I upgraded to 2.0.1 from 2.0 and I thought that I understand this new overhead, but I got confused after, apart of only seeding, I started to download AND seed. So I need someone competent (*stares at rafi*) to tell me if I get this right. Now (in 2.0.1) we have U (Upload) and O (Overhead), and when I have upload limit set to 180kB/s that means I'm limiting U+O? When in 2.0 it limited only the U? So if I have like 5kB/s of O (only seeding, not downloading), and want to have my old upload back, I should rise my upload limit to 185kB/s? Or maybe in 2.0 the U was already counted as U+O?... But if I recall correctly the net.calc_overhead in 2.0 was default set to false, so I guess not. The fun begins when it comes to downloading AND seeding. My net is 8mbit/1.5mbit, so when not downloading I had upload limit set to 180kB/s, and when downloading, set to 144kb/s. So I could download at about 970kB/s and upload at 144kB/s at the same time - and it worked great, no chocking and stuff, dl and up graphs were flat. BUT now with 2.0.1 I noticed the O goes like 53kB/s, and U like 91kB/s (which adds up to 144kB/s ofc). I obviously wanted my old 144kB/s of U back, so I started to rise upload limit, and when I reached 192kB/s (which is max of my upline) I still didn't have my old 144kB/s... I got it at about 230kB/s... which get me thinking that this is a little bit silly - setting upload limit above my actual upload max speed. And yet the graph in NetLimiter wasn't even close to be as smooth and flat as it was before. So I couldn't get my old U in this new version. BTW forgot to mention, I have uTP disabled, using only TCP (bt.transp_disposition set to 21). uTP isn't working as smooth as TCP for me, still waiting for it to improve more. And I have two question: 1) Will disabling only this option: net.calc_overhead, set things to work like in 2.0 (with the overhead and limiting upload)? Or should something else be turned off too? 2) I was wondering how does this count for private trackers... When I'm seeding something, do they count my U+O, or maybe only U? Thanks for any answer, will appreciate it.