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  1. It's good to hear from Nite again. His site used to be really good but since the whole MPAA thing last month I've found the posts there to be somewhat gestapo-like in nature. Some posts about what to do now that he was being sued were being arbitrarily deleted and there were reports of people being banned from the site after they were threatened by some of the site's moderators. I viewed Niteshw's site's forum posts for some time now but I think that their members should reconsider their forum interests since that site's moderators are cool with making private information public, even to the MPAA. This shows that the moderators for Nite's site are abusing their power and turning into the MPAA's snitch. I hope Niteshdw will keep better control of his moderators in the future and that he do more to protect his forum's members privacy.
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