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  1. Because we haven't put 3.2 on the automatic updater at 100% penetration yet. JUST LIKE EVERY FUCKING VERSION THAT HAS COME IN THE PAST 3 YEARS! What is the reason for the harsh words? That is not in the spirit of a good and welcoming community! I was not aware of updates being held back. What is the reason for not including stable builds to the automatic update scheme? If it is not stable, it should not be called stable!
  2. How come the update function is not working properly? I had version 3.1.3 and the check for updates function says that there is no new version available. But then I went to µTorrents website and found out about this new 3.2.X version. This is the second time my µTorrent fails to report a new version. Last time it was version 3.1.2 that did not report version 3.1.3. What is the point of a built in update function that actually can not find updates?
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