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  1. Alternate upload rate when not downloading is not working. Once download has completed and is seeding, it stays at the same limited upload speed. The only way I can seed the torrent at max speed is to manually change it after every DL has finished. Using uTorrent 3.5 build 44090 on Win 10 x64 Home 1709
  2. Alternate upload rate

    Pretty much what they were talking about a few years ago here:
  3. Alternate upload rate

    The problem is that the alternate rate keeps changing back and forth from limited to unlimited when seeding. Nothing to do with peers.
  4. Alternate upload rate

    I can't understand you, sorry.
  5. Alternate upload rate

    I have an alternate upload rate of unlimited set for when not downloading but after a download has finished and is seeding, the upload rate keeps changing between the limit I have set for while downloading and unlimited. I'm guessing this is because while seeding there are small, sporadic download rates of less than 1KBps. Wouldn't a more desirable behaviour be to not count anything under 5KBps?