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  1. At first I downloaded the beta version of utorrent, but it was having problems quitting (would not quit unless I closed the window then hit the Quit button 2-3 times, sometimes I would have to do top->kill id). I downloaded the alpha version and have been pleasantly surprised. The torrent info bar at the bottom is a huge improvement and I haven't had any problems quitting either. Basic feedback (might have been mentioned already, I didn't read all six pages of comments) - More complicated label support ( best example is transmission for label/groups that I can think of ) - Add function to move files to a different folder or find the files new directory ( ex: I'm on OSX more often so I usually download windows apps in OSX, but once they are done I move the files over to my windows partition. Once the dl is finished, I can't continue seeding unless I keep an extra copy in my downloads folder) Other than that, uTorrent is still my favorite bt client and I hope it only gets better!