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  1. How? click on utorrent so it's highlighted. press "CMD" and hold, press "OPT" and hold and then press "," the preferences should pop out and the advanced menu will be there.
  2. I can't either' date=' that's the point.. It's a bug and they need to fix this as I said above.. (I edited my previous my post a bit to make it more clear)[/quote'] Got in to the advanced menu. :-)
  3. THIS! I've been trying for ages in every beta to get into this secret hidden preferences everyone is talking about, without understanding how they can do it.. I even tried to find out if a global OS shortcut was overriding torrent's shortcut.. No luck! (btw, I'm on a Scandinavian QWERTY layout) Quick fix: make the 'Preferences...' menu item change to 'Advanced preferences...' when holding the ALT-button when you have clicked "uTorrent" in menu bar (you can see the 'Quit' menu item changes to 'Quit and close all windows' when doing this). Please fix this bug, I want to get into the preferences pane too! Hi How do you get into these advanced preferences. I tried on a mac keyboard and see nothing. Obviously doing something wrong. Thanks in advance.
  4. Have the same problem. When I add a large torrent utorrent just completely slows down. Upload stops and download of the torrent is no existent. If I stop al the torrents and quit utorrent and restart everything is back to normal.
  5. Hmmmm, drag and drop torrent's seems to have stopped working for me. Now it's working again. Hmmm very strange, did not change anything, nor restart the client. Oh well one of those things I guess.
  6. Have not been running it long, but seems very stable. Not had any problems. Would like to be able to save to different locations and choose what files I want to download when I open the torrent file. Ok have noticed something strange, not sure if the problem is my end. I am downloading 3 torrent and when I look at the bit where is says download speed, I notice that on one of the torrents it flickers. Never had that with other software.