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  1. Wh is it 200k bigger than the previous one?
  2. Why is build 30544 200k bigger than the previous one?
  3. I never read ANYTHING that could contradict what I SAY!! YOU are ANGRY!!
  4. They are incapable of using good settings. You never told me these, bitch.
  5. Seems like they're back again:
  6. Well, it doesn't necessarily mean they're incompetent, it might just be they don't test the new builds so much or just don't care about fixing the bugs they've left after their changes.
  7. Ok. And did you actually read the OP before you had this wonderful second thought?:
  8. 3.3 already completely removed the app shit so that's a start:
  9. yeah' date=' but they don't remove already added bloat.[/quote']Why do you care ? As long as you can disable or just not use whatever you don't like! Is there any specific "bloat" that you *must* use? Yeah! Defend utorrent no matter how useless feautures start bloating the binary up!
  10. Yours actually grew all the way up to 300MB as well? And I was never suggesting to actually _use_ it in that condition anyway.
  11. Well, A: It wasn't really _corrupting_ itself. Even if it blew to all the way up to hundreds of megabytes you could've still probably cleared the redundant lines. B. To which you could've imported those settings to with this method. C. Yeah, it did, but I don't see why is it so important to start with a clean settings.dat when the alternative is to just use the one you already configured for yourself.
  12. Why? Even if they made some magical settings.dat cleaner why would you want to wait until they do? The workaround I discovered works just fine. He said clicking *OK* freezes utorrent. Quitting might not. This way you can preserve your settings.