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    Hi, I've downloaded BEncode Editor x64 and taken a look at a particular torrent file, and the corresponding entry in resume.dat. I'm trying to change the folder structure dictated by the torrent. Many thanks for the great utility, and all the info in these forums - although I've had a good dig around, I could use some further help. The info section of the torrent file I'm playing with has three entries in the path key for each file, indicating a folder structure of FolderA\FolderB\Filename. As it happens, the top level folder is the same for all files in the torrent, so it is redundant. Further, the top level folder doesn't fit in to the structure of my own folders. I want to store the files, without FolderA, but still be able to seed the torrent, and I will want to do a similar thing with other multi-file torrents in future. I have no problem moving the downloaded files to their new location, maintaining the final folder structure of ..\MyFiles\FolderA\FolderB\Filename - I am fine with stopping the torrent, moving the files and folders, resetting the location, and getting utorrent to re-check. If I then start the torrent, it seeds, but this is not the folder structure I want. However, if I move the files to where I actually want them, ..\MyFiles\FolderB\Filename, and point utorrent to the new location, it doesn't find the files when I force the re-check. If I then start the torrent, it starts to download everything again, into ..\MyFiles\FolderA\FolderB\Filename. Editing the torrent file is a no-go, but looking at resume.dat, the path setting only reads as far as ..\MyFiles. I cannot see anywhere in resume.dat to override the folder structure, or the filename, imposed in the .torrent. Can anyone help? Many thanks, Matt Edit: sussed it largely thanks to jewelisheaven's post here: In utorrent, with the torrent stopped, in the file tab, you can change file names and locations with the Relocate command. Looking at resume.dat with Ultima's editor, this has introduced a 'target' key into the file, with a subsidiary entry for every file in the torrent which gives the override path and filename. Seems to do the trick!