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  1. Hi - Thanks Firon for New build. (build 21340) WinXP SP3 X86. Confirmed that the item(#919 freezes in the GUI ) has been resolved out. It seems that every problem a new. :| #935 CaptainHairy is probably the same phenomenon. 1:Download the pre-existing ones, become incomplete. Features, and some include file skip if things are specified. However, all the "include file skip" is not an object. 2:They are denied access to almost all trackers. Additional, 3:Some of these effects, UP speed is slow (not good use of bandwidth.) For reference, I tried to Version 2.2 Beta (build 21290) for the three items above in a similar survey. 1a:Successful completion status. 2a:It seems that normally communicates with the tracker. 3a:Uses the full bandwidth. Is over, thank you for ALL.
  2. Build 21169 freezes in the GUI.The following case occurred. 1:Downloaded immediately after. 2:After the success "Force Re-Check". Both have occurred shortly after moving files. WinXP SP3 X86.
  3. =( 18803 crash in Win XP Pro. Generate crash dump size=0bye and Re-start OS, same as( re-generate crash dump )
  4. http://www.zshare.net/download/72974880cad32626/18304-utorrent.e0f4.dmp Crashe When use "Minify Interface". Win XP(SP2) thx. Love µ
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