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  1. confirm PS clean 3.3 install win7 x32
  2. same for me... if torrent consist more then 1 file (many files) uTorrent show me error "The specified path does not exist" ((( clean install win7 x32
  3. max download speed achieved is to slow when set global download speed limit. For example: with out limitation global download speed (=0) speed 100Mbsp reached through 40 sec after start download, but if global download speed = 9999 KB/s (or other limit) top speed reached through 5-6 minutes. Need to fix that!
  4. uTorrent 3.0 is slowly gaining a peak download speed. With bandwidth of 15 Mbps uTorrent 3.0 spends about 4-5 minutes to achieve maximum download speeds, and version 2.2.1 - 10-30 seconds on the same system with one and the same ". torrent" file. How do I fix this with customizations? Or is it a bug / feature of version 3.0?
  5. utorrent 3.0 is slowly picking up speed. on version 2.2.1 all ok.