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  1. I reported the bug in the bug section for the stable but wasn't sure if I should post here as it was just released as "stable" but Set Download Location has issues.... I accidentally set a download within a folder instead of as the folder itself. So I tried using "Set Download Location" to change it and then recheck. When I tried rechecking nothing happened. When I clicked "Open containing folder" after changing the location it just opens My Computer which is the default behavior if the folder isn't present. I tried multiple torrents with the same results. I also deleted the torrent and re-added it to the correct location and the recheck worked flawlessly so the issue is definitely with the "Set Download Location..."
  2. Latest build of utorrent is showing almost 1500MB of RAM in the Private and working set. I had it set to cache up to 200MB and have Windows reading and write caching disabled. Even when I went in and disabled all caching it still showed that much being used. It did successfully shut down and I disabled caching before closing so it should have all caching off when I open it back up but didn't want to try and do a memory dump of over 1400MB. If it does it again with caching off I will update this post or repost.
  3. No wonder I never saw that error. I have that setting already set to false.
  4. Didn't see the auto-update build since the client was running for days and checks on start-up usually. I still haven't installed as I have torrents I don't want interrupted. Virtual_ManPL Simply disabling caching won't fix the bug as we did that when we were troubleshooting the other build unless your talking about something else. I had Windows caching of disk reads and writes disabled and was still having problems so meh. I also think that your logic as far as them making only one change and releasing is a bit flawed. Of course right now they don't care about the help-file version. What good is having a 2.1 help file when the program isn't even semi-stable? Major crashes that prevent people on mass from testing the latest builds will come before misc. things they need to do before beta or RC. I am itching to play with that build and see what happens but have to wait a little while it seems.
  5. faz2faz...Read before posting... Both of those are only 7 posts from the end. Patience is a virtue (I have very little of but still ). Virtual_ManPL and anyone else. I am not going to tell you what WILL work but what is working for me...I few days ago and have been running non-stop since and not one crash. While some of the improvements made in the last several releases are lost, I tend to save the old build installers and only delete them if I have a major problem with the build or if I have a minor problem that is resolved by a newer more stable build. I double-checked the log and if you don't want to use that old of a build you, you can look through the change-log and go back far enough that you don't see crash-fixes every build or every other build. Basically you DON'T want a build where the build right after says they fixed a crash...18304 MAY be okay too but I couldn't remember so I went with the oldest build I had saved.. Well that's my suggestion for anyone reading this until a new version is released. Thanks to Firon and the uTorrent team for always answering questions and helping us not to mention giving us a "shiny" uTorrent client.
  6. Well at first I was only getting a crash here or there...but now I seem to get one every few minutes. Edit: Didn't want to make another post, but just wanted to say thanks Firon for your reply and help.
  7. Firon, I am now getting crash dumps every little bit (but not at a certain interval. I have been sending crash dumps through the program so is there any point to submit them here as well?
  8. Yeah I am getting a lot of uTorrent crashes and have it "Send dump to developer" automatically. I re-enabled caching and it seemed to be working fine for a little while. Now it is just seeding in the background and crashing periodically.
  9. Sorry Firon. I know your previous post said to submit bug reports since you weren't able to detect the issue. Thanks for all your help. Disabling caching for the time being seems to be a work-around for those experiencing issues with the release. Edit: Well I was wrong. I actually just experienced a cache issue with caching fully disabled from the start. Though it seems to be much rarer when caching is disabled. I am going to keep bearing with it. I trust Firon to get it all fixed up for us soon.
  10. Well since my last post I have NOT had one crash since I completely disabled caching like reptile and 420 tried. uTorrent has been running without fail and I restarted several times and can download and upload at full bandwidth. I am NOT seeing a MEMORY LEAK. It just seems that when stuff is downloading into MEMORY, it stays there when caching is enabled and can glitch and go over any limits set so downloading will continue at full-speed but just not be written to disk.
  11. Hey, still having the program like stopping writing to disk which starts eating up RAM despite RAM settings it seems. These are the settings I tried this time. It was working okay for awhile and then I noticed it stopped reading from disk at the same time it started writing the any download data only into RAM. The First dump file is while it was downloading and the second is after I stopped it for awhile to see what happens and the data sits in RAM without being written to disk. Now despite NOT having the two boxes checked that increases how often it writes to disk, it still has the same problem. Also it isn't like the cache hit a 100% before this started or there being large amounts of disk activity. It just seems that when it glitches regardless of the amount of traffic or how many downloads/uploads, it stops everything and can't write. Also normally when you close it out, it writes all the files to the cache and closes the program which seems why it is still sitting in RAM after closed since it can't write the files to disk it just sits the third dump is after I exited the Program and it sits in RAM. <- while downloading but not reading or writing to disk (hence upload dropped to 0) <- after I stopped downloads but program still running. Data sitting in RAM and wouldn't write to disk <- after I exited the program and left it idle for several minutes but it remained open with data sitting in RAM and still not writing to disk. All of this being said, I am going to disable all read/write caching and see what happens. Hopefully it will work for awhile before it stops altogether but at least what it does successfully download will actually be on disk and usable. If you need more info let me know. ~Cyc
  12. Seems to periodically stop writing to disk and just store it in cache. Regardless of what cache settings you change. Sometimes it does this shortly after startup other times it does it randomly. Yeah overriding the cache can help by it not bottlenecking itself as it doesn't want to write to disk quickly. Despite the drive being able to handle almost 400MB/s write speed (RAID array) when I lowered the cache back down and the data to be written was higher than the cache size...instead of quickly writing the excess data to disc it wrote some of it quickly but when it got to 100MB of data left in cache it was only writing 2-3MB/s to disk and then download rate dropped to nothing. Even with the cache high it will still periodically stop writing data to disk. Disabling caching completely seems to have even worse results of it not writing any data to disk. This wasn't a "crash dump" but it was a dump after the program closed and was not responding but the process was still there. Helps to include link
  13. Hello, Yeah the latest build 18825 has been pretty crash happy on my system. Win 7 x64. When it auto-updated to this version it crashed on restart and tends to crash on first start after system reboot. Now since then I get intermittent crashes shortly after the program starts up otherwise once it has been going for a few minutes I haven't seen it crash when left on for awhile. I have been making sure to "Send dump to developers" If I need to upload or report them here as well it's not a problem but figure there's no need to be redundant if you get them through that. Thanks. ~Cyc