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  1. So does changing low_prio_disk actually change something? Its at *false on my settings currently.
  2. Yep it was Youtube. All is ok now. No problem here changing priorities.
  3. Looks like build 26595 fixed the crash issue i was having. Still the download speeds seem odly low now. Going to test with some high speed torrent just to be sure. Could also be my Youtube upload hogging bandwidth on the background. Btw i documented the advanced setting changes compared to 3.0. Check it out if you're into tweaking: New advanced settings 3.0 --> 3.1
  4. Amazingly stable...crashed 11 times with a single torrent. Nice job guys:)
  5. A more detailed analysis about what's being sent:
  6. Preferences - General - Send detailed info when checking for updates (always anonymous)
  7. Those that support it problably will not come here saying that they're happy with this change.Generally only those speak out who do not like it. I suspect they looked at tab usage stats and saw that the Files tab was the most used.Hence the move to 1st.And why not.Multifile torrent are more and more common.I always watch this tab when adding a new torrent to unselect useless files i do not want to download.
  8. I very much like this.Most useful tab.But yes.Moving these ourselves would be the best option.
  9. This is supposedly the data exchange with peers.Either that or protocol overhead.
  10. I love to tweak things so:
  11. So is this normal that on 2.2.1 im offered only the 3.0 RC7 version?: Shouldnt it offer the latest stable version?.From what i see from this thread that should be 3.0 Stable (build 25422) If this is intentional then i don't get it.Shouldnt the latest stable version be offered when possible? Why offer an outdated RC is beyond me...