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    Great programs you use

    mst Defrag has a striking resemblance to O&O Defrag...
  2. Heh... I kinda knew about this inherit problems with BitTorrent and the Linksys wireless routers for a while... especially after getting it. And yeah, having a Linux firmware is also a reason for me to switch. But my incentive for switching to a Linksys router was due to the fact that my pathetic Belkin 11g router can't handle being online 24/7 (it'd either lock up or becomes slowed down for some unknown reason). At least with the Linksys firmware and the community around it, we all have some method or form of diagnosing the problem and come up with a proper workaround or solution to it. So far, so good, my 54G has been up 40+ days. Wireless has been working great and the damn Belkin brick got its use as a secondary WAP (which, I might add, has no problem running 24/7 as that).
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    I play around with softwares, from BitTornado to Azureus to ABC to even BitComet. I've been searching for that "One Client To Rule Them All". On a research into BitComet, I stumble upon uTorrent. Skeptic at first, I gave it a test run. And run did it ever. Small resource usage, simple yet informative (as well as familiar) interface, and enough features for the power user to make the most out of their BitTorrent connections. I don't think I'll ever find a better client than this. To me, it's the perfect client. It does what it does and there's active development into fixing bugs and adding other (possible) necessary features, all while running from a compact executable file that has yet to break the 150 kilobyte mark.
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    Great programs you use

    Good find on the RSS reader, flatrabbit. Trying it out right now.
  5. sixshot

    Great programs you use

    cripes, that's one long list... could've cut that in half by editing out the various needless info. I'm sure most of us can find whatever program you listed from googling it.
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    Great programs you use

    My MSN works just fine. Ensure you're running gaim 1.5.0 with the latest GTK+ 2.6 from their site or installer. Try not to install GTK+ 2.8 for win32 as there's a problem with connecting to various IM protocols. That bug is currently under investigation. Under the MSN account setting, ensure that it's connecting to using port 1863 and double-check your proxy settings. Let us know if this works.
  7. Might I suggest as a precaution to compose your posts in a civil manner rather than resort to using net-slang (ie. 'noob')? Yes, there are clients that is more suitable to those new to the BitTorrent thing. But that doesn't mean the person is not a fast learner. The individual only stated trying out uTorrent and was unsatisfied. So as a result this individual reverted back to the previous client which s/he is more comfortable using. This in itself shouldn't warrant any kind of criticisms on the person's action. What's done is done and let the person do what they wish and use what they prefer using as their BitTorrent client of choice. Be aware that even though Azureus has many features, some are too attached to the client to be pried away from it. Respect people's opinions and preferences where they stand and don't force them to use something else. Only advise them and provide incentives that'll enlighten their curiosity.
  8. Personally to complain about download speeds is just ridiculous. I mean, what is it that you want to download so fast that you need it "now now now, here here here, fast fast fast"? Doesn't anyone have patience anymore? Comparisons of speeds between the two is just nearly impossible. It's been said time and time again that it'll depend heavily on the peers you connect to. Sometimes you get better peers on one time and others you get crappy peers. It's happened before and you should just deal with it. There's little reason to compare this client to other clients in terms of upload or download speed/performance. That's something that'll always be trivial until there's a surefire method and technique to test this (more likely on an isolated test-only tracker). One can, however, compare uTorrent to other clients in terms of memory consumption and CPU usage. It seems there are people who complain about the speeds whereas I don't care and just let the BitTorrent client do its thing. It's going to complete eventually if you're getting something that's well seeded and healthy. I mean, who complains about download speeds? Are you trying to get the latest warez and porn?
  9. sixshot

    Great programs you use

    webbie -- Firefox (whichever is the latest stable release) email -- Gmail & Thunderbird (whichever is latest stable; Gmail = primary, T-bird = Comcast) RSS -- Thunderbird IRC -- X-Chat 2.6 IM -- gaim audio playback -- Winamp & iTunes video playback -- MediaPlayer Classic DVD playback -- PowerDVD anti-virus -- none firewall -- none, using router's built-in archiving -- WinZip & WinRAR disc burning -- Nero & Alcohol system monitoring -- SpeedFan text editing/viewing -- Notepad & NotePad++ honorable mentions: OpenOffice, PuTTY, TeamSpeak, TweakUI, WinLauncherXP, WindowBlinds, DScaler, ACDSee, openCanvas 4 Plus, Photoshop CS