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  1. I have it too, but it's not DSL. I've tried to run 24512 without a router, but I had the same result. There are too many closed connections on 24512. Compare with 24266.
  2. w000t I have no active uTP connections on 24512 too. I've installed old build (24266), and uTP is working good on it. w000t, do you have a router or something like that?
  3. This bug is still not fixed on 23551.
  4. Hmm, I haven't seen problem with it in 2.0.4.
  5. Switeck, what version uT at the first screenshot?
  6. Hello comrades I think I found the bug in 2.2. Everytime when I start new downloading torrent, all active torrents are failed, and restored through 3-4 min after drops. Built 23071 Disk cache settings by default I think so too I've changed it at skin from 2.0.4
  7. Yes, I confirm this problem. I have 1400 MTU (VPN-PPTP) and my outgoing uTP connections doesn't work on 20501.
  8. Hogge Try that... Close uTorrent, and delete files 'settings.dat' and 'settings.dat.old' from %appdata%\uTorrent.
  9. You plan to fix a bug of limiting local connections (via uTP), when "apply rate limit to uTP connections" is enabled? I've wrote in this message.
  10. I have problem - when I apply "rate limit to uTP connections", my local connections were limited, but "limit local peer bandwidth" is disabled. This is bug or new feature? "Apply rate limit to uTP connections" is enabled "Apply rate limit to uTP connections" is disabled
  11. schnurlos, you are right - just a cutting problem.
  12. You intend to fix this mess in the statusbar? This mess to manifest only at the local peers connections. http://s55.radikal.ru/i149/1005/fd/e29931c8c00d.jpg
  13. @nivaldin: Packets Per Second http://www.cisco.com/web/about/security/intelligence/network_performance_metrics.html
  14. @rafi: Yep, uTP creates a great many overhead traffic and PPS. Many russian ISPs blocked uTP traffic because of high PPS.